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What Ghost Sings In Phasmophobia?

Phasmophobia is a four-player online horror game where you investigate paranormal activities in a haunted location.

Furthermore, while you are searching for clues, there might be a plethora of ghost events.

One such event is the Singing, which can be triggered randomly or intentionally.

The Ghost that sings frequently in Phasmophobia is known to be Banshee. Banshee can be heard Shrieking if you use a parabolic microphone. Furthermore, it is not the only ghost type that can sing. The male hums a low-tone tune, and the female sings ‘Ring Around the Rosie.’

This article will explain everything you need to know about the Singing Ghost, Banshee, including its activities.

What Ghost Sings In Phasmophobia?

Every Ghost in Phasmopobia can sing. However, a particular one has the Special Paramic Sound, and it is the Banshee.

Here is the noise they make while singing:

  • Male Ghost: Low-Tone Tune
  • Female Ghost: This type sings ‘Ring Around the Rosie.’
  • The Banshee: They are a special kind of Singing which only detects the Banshee singing while wearing the parabolic microphone.

This means Banshee is more likely to sing frequently than other ghost type.

It can be surprising as it randomly starts while you and your friend look for clues or hang out.

The Banshee then targets the single member of your party.

The Banshee singing the song
Banshee sings towards the player before showing itself.

Also, they keep hunting that member depending on the individual’s sanity.

It will keep following the target around the map, even if you keep your distance from the ghost room.

Furthermore, the Banshee is a female spirit in Irish folklore.

However, in Phasmophobia, Banshee can be either male or female, as the gender of the Ghost is randomly chosen.

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Activity Performed By The Banshee

The Banshee is likely to perform most singing ghost events over other types.

However, the following conditions should be met:

  1. It must be a Singing Ghost Event.
  2. The Ghost Event shifts towards the hunt target.
  3. When someone forces the Banshee to disappear too soon.

Like the other ghosts, the Banshee target is random for the ghost event.

In the D.O.T.S. state, the Banshee then moves towards the target, ignoring the nearest player.

Strength And Weaknes Of The Banshee

Here are the strengths and weaknesses of the Banshee;

  • Strength: It will make sure to weaken its target before attacking.
  • Weakness: You can hear The Banshee screaming with a parabolic microphone.

Things You Should About The Banshee

As mentioned, the Banshee will focus on a target and hunt only one.

While other players are free to walk around and even through the Banshee without getting any harm.

However, if the target leaves the house, it will usually hunt. Furthermore, the death of the target leads the Banshee to find another target.

In addition, the exceptional parabolic microphone sound that the Banshee produces sounds like a scream.

What Ghost signs In Phasmophobia
Banshee produces sounds like a scream

Banshee can hunt once the sanity level is at or below 50%. Moreover, It drains more sanity during singing ghost events.

So, keep the sanity above 50% so Banshee cannot hunt. Finally, you can also get hunted while moving around the house.

Strategy To Beat The The Banshee

The best strategy for countering the Banshee is to identify the target player. It can help players to make the hun-related objectives easier.

Also enables other players to continue the investigation during the hunts. To do so, ensure the targeted players are inside the investigation area.

Here are a few methods you can try to identify the target of Banshee;

  1. Look for the individual with a sanity level below 50% or if the Banshee does not hunt the one with sanity below the average. The Target must be the one with high sanity.
  2. Make the player act as bait with the escape route ready; this can identify the target.

The Bottom Line

Every Ghost sings in the Phasmophobia, however, the Banshee is likelier to sing in the Ghost Event.

The Banshee goes after the individual with sanity below 50%. Furthermore, it tends to weaken its target by singing before hunting them.

Therefore, to beat or counter the Singing, identify the target first and make the hunt-related objectives.

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