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Unleashing The Dawnmasters Crest In BG3

Dawnmasters Crest in BG3 is a ticket to obtaining one of the legendary weapons in the game. 

However, obtaining it is much more complicated than players anticipate.

Dawnmasters Crest in Baldur’s Gate 3 is obtainable by exploring the Rosymorn Monastery. However, players can encounter various enemies and puzzles within the monastery before obtaining the Crest.

This article discusses Dawnmasters Crest and how to obtain it in Baldur’s Gate 3 (Bg3).

What Is The Dawnmasters Crest In BG3?

The Dawnmasters Crest is a quest item that allows players to obtain one of the legendary items in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Furthermore, the game contains over ten legendary weapons for the players to collect.

Thus, obtaining one of them is also a remarkable feat for the players.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the Dawnmasters Crest allows the players to obtain The Blood of Lathander mace.

The Blood of Lathander mace is a legendary weapon that players can use easily.

Furthermore, the weapon provides the players with an action that provides a Concussive Smash.

The Mace also provides other bonuses. They are Lathender’s blessing; this allows players to regain 1-12 hitpoints once per long rest.

Blood of lathander bg3
The Blood of Lathander provides blessings and actions to the players.

Furthermore, it also allows nearby allies to regain 1-6 hitpoints during the long rest.

The other bonus is Lathander’s Light, which sheds light in a 6m radius. When used in combat, it blinds fiends and undead.

Thus, the sheer amount of bonuses and skills the weapon provides can significantly add to the player’s arsenal.

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How To Obtain The Dawnmasters Crest In Bg3?

To obtain the Dawnmasters Crest in Bg3, players must obtain all three Ceremonial weapons, complete a few puzzles, and fight a few enemies.

Follow the steps below to obtain Dawnmasters Crest in Baldur’s Gate 3;

1. Obtain All Three Ceremonial Weapons

First and foremost, players must obtain all three Ceremonial weapons: Ceremonial Mace, Ceremonial Warhammer, and Ceremonial Battleaxe.

You will find the Mace in Rosymorn Monastery, where you must defeat a few kobolds.

One of the kobolds is holding the Ceremonial Mace.

Then, go to the Ancient Eagle and find it on the Monastery’s roof.

The Ceremonial Warhammer is near the Ancient Eagle.

Grab the Warhammer from the Monastery’s Roof.

Furthermore, using a stealth skill to obtain the Warhammer is better.

Lastly, head toward the east wing of the Rosymorn Monastery, where you will find the battleaxe near a Guardian of Faith.

However, be cautious here because the Guardian of Faith can turn hostile toward you, and you can lose your progress.

2. Place Weapons On Altars

After obtaining the weapons, players must place each weapon on the correct altars.

dawnmasters crest bg3
Place the items on the correct altars.

Players will quickly notice the designated altars for each Ceremonial weapon.

3. Obtain The Dawnmaster’s Crest

Finally, a small chamber will open up after placing the weapons in their respective altars.

Within this chamber, players will find a pouch that contains the Dawnmasters Crest.

Dawnmaster''s crest bg3
Open the Pouch to get the Dawnmaster’s Crest.

After obtaining the Crest, players must explore the area of the Inquisitor Chamber.

Players must find two statues in the final room in the inquisitor.

Moreover, players must turn the first statue into the rising Sun and the second to the second Sun and explore the area of the Secret Chamber.

Players will obtain the legendary weapon in a room after passing the traps, which is unlockable through the Dawnmaster’s Crest.

The Bottom Line

Legendary weapons in any game are a great addition to the player’s inventory.

However, in Baldur’s Gate 3, the legendary weapons are even more worth it because very few exist.

Thus, the time it takes to obtain one is well worth the hassle players must put into the game.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in obtaining the Dawnmaster’s Crest and the Blood of Lathander.

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