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My Hero Ultra Rumble Time Discrepancy Bug: Causes And Fixes

A time discrepancy in My Hero Ultra Rumble is a bug that can occur when the time on your device does not match the time on the game server.

 This can be very annoying and frustrating for fans who want to enjoy the game around the world.

In My Hero Ultra Rumble, time discrepancies can occur for several reasons. These include an incorrect time zone setting, a network issue, or a game fault.

This article discusses the My Hero Ultra Rumble and Time Discrepancy bug in the game.

What Is Time Discrepancy In My Hero Ultra Rumble?

Time Discrepancy is a common issue in My Hero Ultra Rumble, which players encounter while attempting to utilize the game’s features or log in.

It indicates that the user cannot access the game or its services.

time discrepancy my hero
Several players are expressing their concerns regarding this issue in the Steam community.

The game cannot validate the user’s system time or account information.

Users who wish to enjoy the game’s features and content may find this issue frustrating and perplexing.

Causes Of Time Discrepancy In My Hero Ultra Rumble

The causes of this bug are not clear, but some possible factors are:

  • Your system time is not synchronized with the internet time due to incorrect settings, network issues, or malware.
  • Your system time is not set to the correct region or time zone.
  • Other issues, such as overlay apps, antivirus and firewall programs, or Windows updates etc.
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Fixes For The Time Discrepancy Bug In My Hero Ultra Rumble

Depending on the user’s system and circumstances, this error might occur due to several causes.

Users can attempt a few of the following techniques for some possible reasons that cause the error:

1. Game’s Version

A game that has to be updated or reinstalled may occasionally be the source of the issue.

You can visit the App Store or Google Play Store to see if the game has any updates available.

Further, users can try uninstalling and reinstalling the game if there are no errors.

2. System Date And Time Settings

A discrepancy between the server time and date and the system time and date might occasionally be the root of an issue.

You can go to the system settings to verify the time and date settings to ensure they are set accurately and automatically.

Moreover, users can attempt to manually adjust their time zone or sync their system time and date with an internet server.

3. Login Issue

Sometimes, players may face the error due to the compatibility issue between the login methods.

Users can visit the game’s website and register for an account using a different login method from the one they previously used.

After that, they can launch the game and sign in using the account they just made on the website.

Users may need to contact My Hero Ultra Rumble support for additional help if none of the above solutions work.

To accomplish this, they must go to the game’s settings and select Report a Problem > Login > Time Discrepancy.

Additionally, they can reach them via email at [email protected] or by going to their assistance page.

The Bottom Line

A variety of factors can cause My Hero Ultra Rumble time discrepancies.

However, players might be able to fix the issue with the above solutions.

To ensure the issue doesn’t happen, please keep your device connected to the internet and avoid using a VPN or proxy server.

Also, you’ll need to keep your device’s software current and avoid using mods or cheats.

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