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How To Use Ruan Mei Glitch In HSR?

In Honkai: Star Rail(HSR), players can use the Ruan Mei Glitch to obtain both of the occurrences of Ruan Mei.

Similarly, players are always looking for innovative strategies and glitches to conquer challenges in HSR.

In HSR, players must choose the “100 Blessings” option for the Cheat Code and “Sweet Cocktail” for the Cocktail event to successfully perform the Ruan Mei Glitch. Upon performing the glitch, players can obtain both occurrences of the Ruan Mei and encounter the Ruan Mei herself.

Continue reading to learn more about the Ruan Mei Glitch in Honkai: Star Rail

The Ruan Mei Glitch: An Overview

In HSR, players can now secure both occurrences of Ruan Mei and encounter Ruan Mei by using the glitch.

Similarly, the Ruan Mei Glitch revolves around the unusual purple notes in the games known as the abnormal events.

Likewise, players have discovered 17 different abnormal events each with its unique surprises and challenges.

Securing Ruan Mei GLitch
In HSR, players should partake in 17 different abnormal occurences to perform the glitch.

Players must partake in each of these events at least once to manipulate the occurrences in the game.

Moreover, the Ruan Mei Glitch ensures that you can encounter the Ruan Mei every time after you experience each of these events.

However, players must choose either the “Tree Choose One” or the “Double Occurrence“, for encountering Ruan Mei.

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How To Perform Ruan Mei Glitch?

Players must complete a series of events before they can perform the Ruan Mei Glitch in HSR.

Similarly, the Ruan Mei glitch relies on an approach to ensure maximum coverage of 17 different occurences.

Here are some of the simple steps to crack the glitch In HSR:

1. Choose The Right Option

During the cheat Code Event, players must always choose the right option from two particular events.

The Cheat Code and The Cocktail are the two particular events that are crucial to perform the glitch.

Similarly. players should choose the “100 Blessing” option for the Cheat Code and the “Sweet Cocktail ” for the Cocktail event.

Choosing the right option sets the glitch in motion and players can now enjoy the glitch.

2. Set The Stage

Similarly, players should choose the path before setting the stage for performing glitches.

Likewise, you can pick any path but remember to grab the Hun Dice for faster and better travel in HSR.

Now, players have to choose blessings to multiply their chances to obtain the occurrences and Ruan Mei.

Always choose blessings labeled as “copy” to enhance the probability of multiplying your chances.

3. Battle Smart

During the battle, players should always make a strategic decision for performing the glitch.

Likewise, players have to play smart and only choose the abnormal events near purple notes.

Similarly, if you see Cheat Chance or Curious options during the battle, grab them as they provide extra changes to copy occurrences.

4. Maximize First Plane

Players should focus on maximizing the First Plane after choosing the abnormal events.

Similarly, always aim to maximize your hit on choosing abnormal events, especially those with the “Time Two” icon.

Next, players can copy this icon as much as they want before ideally reaching 10 different occurrences.

5. Transition To Second Plane

After copying and multiplying events, players can finally set the stage for the successful glitch execution.

Similarly, upon navigating through the required occurrences in the first place, players progress to the second plane.

ruan mei glitch
Players should transition to the second phase and clear all occurrences to secure both Ruan Mei occurrences.

During this phase, players need to repeat the process without copying the double rewards.

Finally, players have to clear all 117 occurrences, to encounter Ruan Mei and secure both occurrences.

The Bottom Line

Players can use the ultimate Ruan Mei glitch if they are tired of the RNG rollercoaster in Honkai: Star Rail.

Similarly, players can now secure both occurrences of Ruan Mei and also meet her by following the mechanics.

Thus, seize the moment and make the most of the glitch before any potential patches or updates address this issue.

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