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Finden Schlinger In Fallout 76: Explore All Locations

The Schlinger Finden is the Dutch term which means where to find the Schlinger in Fallout 76.

In Fallout 76, Schlinger is a huge creature that is found in different locations.

Schlinger is a mutated giant creature found in Appalachia in Fallout 76. However, to find them players need to search in different locations of a Mire such as Gulper Lagoon, Dolly Sods Campground, Beckwith Farm, Big Maw and many more.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Schlinger in Fallout 76.

What Is Schlinger In Fallout?

Schlinger are giant creatures found in Appalachia, a region closely associated with the mining industry in Fallout 76.

Moreover, players can find them all over the Mire and the Cranberry Bog.

The mutated creature in fallout 76
Schlinger can be seen hanging upside down on tree branches and near the rivers.

Schlinger are essentially big angry, mutated, descendants of pre-war salamanders and spawn in a wide variety of locations.

Moreover, these creatures stay near water, hang on trees to attack their enemies, and hide underwater.

Otherwise, if you get too close, they will catch you easily with their massive clawed hands.

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Find Schlinger At Gulper Lagoon In Fallout 76 

Players must find all the Schlinger in Fallout 76 to complete the daily quests and challenges.

However, Gulper Lagoon is the best location to find the Schlinger and is located in the Mire region of Appalachia.

Players can find Gulper Lagoon at the northwest of Ella Ames’ Bunker and Dolly Sods Wilderness and south of Southhampton Estate. 

Fallout 76 Gulper Lagoon
You can locate the Gulper Lagoon at the northwest corner of the map.

In Gulper Lagoon, you will find more Schlinger than in any other location i.e. up to four gulpers hanging from the tree branches.

Hence, Schlinger moves slowly in the dark and attacks you so be careful when you walk under large trees and a river. 

Other Locations Where You Can Find Schlinger

Here are some locations where you find Schlinger comparatively in the smaller group than in Gulper Lagoon.

1. Dolly Sods Campground

In Fallout 76 Dolly Sods Campground, there is a 20% chance of Schlinger to spawn.

Hence, it is the first location where you can potentially locate the Schlinger.

2. Beckwith Farm

There is a 10% chance of locating the Schlinger at Beckwith farm.

However, Beckwith Farm is an abandoned farmstead north of Middle Mountain Cabins.

3. Big Maw

In Fallout 76, Big Maw is located in the Mire region of Appalachia, inhabited by various creatures.

Moreover, Big Maw contains a small pond, you must go through stairs to reach the surface of the pond.

4. Dabney Homestead

You will find this location at the Dabney Homestead to the north of The General’s Steakhouse.

Hence, schlinger can be dangerous in close combat so when find this creature in this location engage with them from a distance.

5. Treehouse Village

In Fallout 76, Treehouse Village is the next location where you can find the potential Schlinger lurking around the trees to ambush the enemies.

There is less possibility of finding Schlinger as Treehouse Village is built high up in the trees to avoid the creepy creatures.

The Bottom Line

In summary, Schlinger can be quite aggressive, so if the fight becomes overwhelming you must have a plan for retreat. 

If possible go to the nearby safe locations, enter a building or climb stairs as Schlinger can not enter there.

Hence, you will find most of the Schlinger spawning around the Gulper Lagoon.

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