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How To Unlock Space Marine Companion In Rogue Trader?

Space Marine is among the nine known companions in Warhammer 40000: Rogue Trader.

Companions play a vital role in accompanying players throughout their journey in Rogue Trader.

The Space Marine Companion in Rogue Trader is Ulfar. Players should reach Act 3 to unlock the Companion by completing Fury in Chains.

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Space Marine Companion In Rogue Trader

Space Marine Companion: Ulfar is one of the powerful characters in Rogue Trader.

The Companion covers both Archetypes: Soldier and Arch-Militant.

Moreover, the Astertate’s unique ability is the Curse of the Wulfen and belongs to Deathworld Homeworld.

Deathworld’s leading talent is Survival Instinct, which gains 20% of the maximum winds when the character’s wond’s fall below 30%.

Moreover, when the Deathworld character has a temporary wound, they can increase 20% ability to dodge and armor.

Space Marine Companion In Rogue Trader
Ulfar can increase the ability to dodge by 20%.

The Space Marine Companion also has +5 boots on Strength, Agility, and Toughness but struggles with Intelligence and Fellowship.

Besides the boots and defects, Deathworld has multiple talents, including Brutal Hunter, Wounded Beast, and Tenacity.

Unlike Sister of Battle, Ulfar does not join the party with utilities, but players can collect them from the character’s location.

Wolfskin, Wolf Pleak Cloak, Astrates Bolter, Astrates Combat Knife and Astrates Wolf Skin are the equipment players can use.

Besides the equipment, Ulfar has over 30 talents and abilities, including Kick, Alacrity, AP increase, and Double Wall.

As players have numerous abilities to choose from, they can focus on the build depending on their preference.

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How To Recruit Space Marine Companion?

Unlike other companions, Ulfar, the Space Marine companion, will join players at the mid-stage, i.e., Act 3.

Players who head to the Commoragh Anatomical Opera to engage in Fury in Chains mission.

Players will find Ulfar caged by Terviamtas in the area; hence, they must find a route to release the Space Marine.

Enter Commoragh Anatomical Opera to find Ulfar.

Hence, players should interact with Terviantias and Haemonculus and convince them to release the Space Marine.

Furthermore, players should reply with Dialogue of Paying off and gather a monster for the trade.

Players can find the missing objects in the chests of the arena, but they require a high skill check.

Moreover, if players have Yrliet as a Companion, the character can assist in unlocking Ulfar.

After Terviantias accepts the offer, choose the dialogue option to free Space Marine.

The Terviantias will provide players with the Bone Key to release Ulfar; hence, players should use it and convince Ulfar to team up.

Ulfar will join as a companion shortly or after a while, depending upon the player’s character.

The Bottom Line

Uldar can be a great companion considering the Soldier, Arch-Militant, and flagship post abilities.

However, once players miss the character in Act 3, they can never recruit the character again.

Nonetheless, at level 25, Ulfar will have the level-ups depending upon the progression.

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