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Everything About Gutted Voidship In Rogue Trader

The Rogue Trader game has been providing various spacecraft to their players, Gutted Voidship is one of them.

However, the Voidship in the game is not just a means of travel, but also the center of some adventures.

In Rogue Trader, Gutted Voidship is the spacecraft that players will find in Pulvis Platinum, triggering the fight against Mutants.

Continue reading to learn more about the Gutted Voidship in Rogue Trader and tricks to kill mutants inside it.

Introduction To Gutted Voidship In Rogue Trader

The Gutted Voidship is one of the spacecraft that players will find in Pulvis Platinum.

When players try to reclaim what they have lost, to restore the operation of the administrative apparatus on Dargouns, they will come across the Gutted Voidship.

Gutted Voidship has a fight
The Gutted Voidship has a fight against several mutants.

However, engaging with this Voidship triggers a battle against several mutants.

Players must fight and hold out against their mutant crewmates.

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Accessories That You Can Find Inside Gutted Voidship

In Gutted Voidship, players can find multiple items that will be helpful for them in the gameplay.

However, accessories are items that provide unique defensive stats, effects, bonuses, and more when they are equipped.

Hence, here are some accessories that you can find inside this Voidship.

1. Distraction Cape 

Distraction Cape is a Cloak in Rogue Trader, an armor piece that lowers all enemies’ PER by the wearer’s FEL bonus within a 5-cell radius.

Moreover, it is found on the Gutted Voidship inside the Pulvis Platinum star system.

2. Staff Of House Cassini 

Staff of House Cassini is a Two-handed Melee Weapon that deals 7-11 damage and 0% Armour Penetration.

However, all allies targeted by Navigator powers gain additional MP on their next turn.

Tricks To Kill Mutants In Gutted Voidship

Mutants are destined to become the outcasts and lower classes of Imperial society.

Moreover, mutants are often outcasts, persecuted by the authorities, and treated as abominations.

collecting cargo after killing the mutants
Players collect cargo after killing the mutants.

However, Mutations can take various forms in the Warhammer 4k, ranging from physical abnormalities to psychic powers

Here are some points that will help players defeat the mutants in the game.

1. Understand The Mutants

Players must understand their strengths, weaknesses, and any special abilities they may possess.

In addition, this information can be obtained through in-game lore, intelligence gathering, or interactions with NPCs.

2. Gear And Equipment

While you’re in Gutted Voidship, ensure that your characters are well-equipped and try to Acquire and maintain high-quality gear.

However, powerful weapons and protective armor are crucial for survival.

3. Use Tactics And Strategy

 Ambushing mutants, setting traps, or utilizing the environment to your advantage can give you an edge.

Moreover, players must place themselves in the right place and  make the strategies accordingly

4. Coordinate With Allies

Working together with other factions, groups, or allies in the game world can strengthen your position.

Moreover, forming alliances may provide additional resources, information, or firepower.

The Bottom Line

Gutted Voidship is an interesting dungeon that players can enjoy playing alongside in the game.

However, players must equip themselves with the best and strongest weapons to defeat the Mutants in this spacecraft.

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