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Find Out Why Is Illari Disabled In Ranked Mode

Illari was just disabled from the ranked modes in Overwatch 2, and players are curious about why it was done.

Many players speculate that this hero was removed because of her broken abilities but it is not true.

In Overwatch 2, the hero Illari is temporarily disabled from the ranked mode matches due to the negative infinite ammo glitch. So players must wait until the developers release a further notice about this hero.

Continue reading this article to learn why Illary is disabled in ranked mode matches.

Who Is Illari In Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 is a game with a vast cast of characters with several roles which adds an element of variety.

Similarly, one of those characters is Illari who is a female character with a Support role.

Illari in Overwatch 2
The in-game design of Illari In Overwatch 2.

She has a variety of abilities that specialize in healing and knockback since she is a support-type hero.

Because of this, players started using her to synergize with their teammates in the game.

However, players stopped using her after discovering that she had a very low damage output.

Hence, the developers buffed her in January’s patch to increase the ammo count from 14 to 16.

But this small adjustment led to a huge issue as players discovered a game-breaking bug with her.

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Why Is Illari Disabled In Ranked Mode?

After Illari’s new ammo adjustments, players tested her in the game to determine whether she was usable.

However, she proved to be more than usable as players discovered a new bug with her bullet mechanics.

When using Illari, players could infinitely shoot without reloading in the game.

Infinite Ammo Illari Bug in overwatch 2
Illari has an infinite bug issue in Overwatch 2 as the bullets start a negative count after zero.

Additionally, the bullet count would start a negative count even when it reached zero.

Players started exploiting this mode in ranked mode matches, giving them an unfair advantage.

Soon, the developers got the gist of this bug and immediately removed her from ranked modes.

As of now, Illari is still absent from the list of usable hero roster in Overwatch 2.

When Will Illari Come Back In Ranked Mode?

Currently, the return date of Illari is unknown as the developers have not provided any information on this topic.

However, they reached out to their official Blizzard Forum post on January 9 to inform that they are implementing a fix.

Illari issue addressed by devs
The developers issued the use of Illari in ranked mode via Blizzard Forums.

So players can rest easy as it is a known bug in the game that is receiving a fix.

Also, players are speculating on social media that Illari will come back in the next update.

Players find this assumption very plausible, considering a quick resolution to a similar bug with Hanzo in the past.

Therefore, players must become active in the Overwatch 2 community to unravel more news about Illari.

The Bottom Line

Overwatch constantly works hard to keep its game fair by fixing every discovered bug in the game.

Therefore, players must wait until the developers fix Illari’s infinite ammo bug from the reload mechanic.

Hence, players must become active in Blizzard’s Forums to get the latest news about this situation.

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