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Know About The Meat Vendor In Darnassus

In World of Warcraft, players can find several food vendors residing in different areas of the map.

Players can find the meat vendor named Jaeana residing at the location Darnassus.

In the mysterious realm of the World of Warcraft, players can buy meat and other refreshments from the meat vendor in Darnassus. Similarly, Jaena is the meat vendor that players can spot while traveling around the Darnassus.

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Darnassus: The Beautiful City Of World Of Warcraft

Darnassus was one of the reminiscing cities in the world of Warcraft and is now only known as the Remains of Darnassus.

Similarly, it was once the capital city of the night elves of the Alliances which was found in western Teldrassil.

Besides that, it was once the biggest city in the whole world of Warcraft, where leaders of Duirds and the faithful of Elune used to reside.

The atmosphere inside the Darnassus is elegant and tranquil surrounded by the blue skies and the graceful environments.

Moreover, Darnassus is covered with several elegant bridges, beautiful groves, and leaf-covered pathways.

One of the most beautiful structures in the city of Darnassus is the Temple of the Moon, which the High Priestess and her sisters use.

However, after the terrible Third World War, the city of Darnassus fell, and the night elves had to leave the city.

Thus, after the war, the beautiful city of the Darnassus has turned into dust and now only has the remnants of it.

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Who Is The Meat Vendor Of Darnassus?

In the world of Warcraft, players can find the Jaeana wandering in the streets of Darnassus.

Jaeana is a female night elf and also the meat vendor in the world of Warcraft who roams freely around the Tradesmen’s Terrace.

By interacting with the Jaeana, players can get various meat and drinking items with some credits.

Meat Vendor At Darnassus
Players can find the Meat Vendor in Darnassus.

Jaena is the level 30 character NPC in the world of Warcraft, where her sole purpose is to provide meat and drink items to players.

Moreover, Jaeana belongs to the Humanoid Type and has around 1003 Health Points and players can even save her during Azeroth Battle.

During the Azeroth battle, players can save the jaeana from the chaos during the Burning of Teldrassil. event.

By saving her, players can interconnect with the NPC to unfold several world events in the world of Warcraft.

What Are Jaeana’s Delights And Drinks?

After meeting with Jaeana at the Darnasuss’s Tradesmen’s Terrace, players can get various meat items and drinks from her.

Similarly, Jaeana’s inventory consists of a series of foods and drinks for the players based on the user’s preferred tastes and preferences.

Exact Location To Find Meat Vendor
Players can find Meat Vendor by vising the shown location in Darnassus.

With a certain amount of price, players can get any items from the Meat vendor of the Darnassus.

Here are some of the items that Jaeana offers for the users:

Jaeana offers
Carbonated WaterCured Ham Steak
Fresh WaterHighland Spring Water
Ice Cold MilkMoonBerry Juice
Mutton ChopPickled Pig's Snout
Refreshing Spring WaterRoasted Quail
Smoke Talbuk VensionSweet Nectar
Wild Hog ShankCobo Cola
Filtered Draenic WaterHaunch Of Meat
Honeymint TeaMassive Turkey Leg
Melon JuiceMorning Glory Dew
Mutton StewPungent Seal Whey
Roaster BeefSalted Venison
Sparkling Oasis WaterTough Jerky

The Bottom Line

Upon exploring the city of Darnassus, players can find the Jaeana, the wandering Meat vendor of the Western Teldrassil.

Moreover, players can get a variety of meat items and drinks by interacting with the Meat Vendor of Darnassus, Jaeana.

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