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Who Is The First Boss In Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 features a number of bosses. However, the players will encounter their first boss in Remnant 2 in the tutorial area itself. 

The first boss of Remnant 2 is the Root Mantis. The boss is a bigger and stronger version of the normal mantis monsters. However, players will die if they ignore the attack patterns of the Root Mantis.

Moreover, the players simply target the glowing part of the boss; they may be able to defeat the boss more easily.

This article will explore more about the first boss and how to defeat it in Remnant 2.

Who Is the First Boss In Remnant 2?

Root Mantis is the first boss the players encounter in Remnant 2 at the end of the Prologue.

The boss is much weaker than the future bosses the player will encounter. But, for the Prologue, the boss is a good introduction to the game.

Furthermore, the boss is a massive version of the normal mob Mantis that the players encounter while traversing the world of Remnant 2.

The first boss in Remnant 2 is root mantis
Root Mantis is the first boss that players encounter in Remnant 2.

Additionally, veteran souls-like game players will easily understand the boss’s patterns and defeat them with ease.

How To Beat The First Boss In Remnant 2?

During the tutorial phase of the game, players will meet two NPCs. These NPCs will team up with the players to help them reach the Ward.

The Ward allows the players actually to begin their journey within the world of Remnant 2.

However, players will encounter the Root Mantis before they reach the Ward.

The Root Mantis will perform the following attacks in a pattern;

  • The Root Mantis will swing its roots at the players, which will deal damage and also push the players.
  • Second, if the players are close to the Root Mantis, they will perform a jump and stomp the ground. This attack will deal damage in an AOE.
  • Lastly, the Root Mantis will throw roots from a distance toward the players.

These are the major attack patterns of the Root Mantis. Furthermore, the Root Mantis is very aggressive and will also move around.

Thus, players must be ready to dodge attacks from random spots from the Root Mantis.

How To Defeat Root Mantis?

Follow the steps outlined below to defeat the Root Mantis;

  • Avoid using any form of melee attacks because of the AOE attack of Root Mantis, and ensure to attack from a distance.
  • Let the NPCs take the aggro of the Root Mantis while you attack it from a safe distance.
  • Constantly reposition yourself to dodge any incoming attacks from the Root Mantis.
  • Lastly, always target its weak spot, the glowing spot on its head.

After you constantly do these steps repeatedly, you will be able to defeat the Root Mantis easily.

However, if you get your health depleted, you must wait for one of the NPCs to revive you.  

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The Bottom Line

Introductory bosses in souls-like games are a great way to give new players a taste of what the game will be like.

Furthermore, in the case of Remnant 2, the first boss that the players meet is comparatively easier than the later bosses that they will meet.

However, new players of the genre may consider the first boss one of the hardest.

Hopefully, this article can help you defeat your first boss in Remnant 2 and continue your journey to save the plagued world of Remnant 2.

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