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Remnant 2: Explore All The Labyrinth Secrets

Remnant 2 is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Remnant: From the Ashes, released in 2019.

Further, the Labyrinth in the game is a complex and fascinating biome in Remnant 2. It links various realms and planes.

The Labyrinth is a mysterious place where you can find unique items and secrets but also face many dangers. To explore it, you must use your skills and items wisely as the Labyrinth changes with your actions.

Continue reading to explore the types of secrets and how to get them.

The Enigma: Secret 1

The Enigma is a high-powered gun that fires lightning bolts.

Not only that, but it can chain to surrounding foes, causing shock damage and triggering the overloaded status effect. 

In addition, it also includes a unique mod called Chaos Driver, which fires electrified rods. 

enigma remnant 2 labyrinth secrets
Enigma fires lightning bolts

These rods connect to other rods and form a dangerous electric field.

As a result, Enigma is one of the greatest weapons in Remnant 2 for crowd control and providing steady damage over time.

Moreover, it boosts the player’s mod power generation by 25% when your health is above 75%.

How To Get Enigma?

To get the Enigma, locate a specific artifact, the Cipher Rod, concealed in the Labyrinth biome.

cipher rod
Cipher Rod is a specific artifact

Follow the steps below for proper guidance:

  1. To complete your first non-Earth world with the World Stone, you need to open the Labyrinth, a dimension that links different worlds.
  2. After you enter the Labyrinth, you have to find a portal that changes locations. It’s in a room with a big round platform and four pillars.
  3. Next, you have to wait for the portal to show a sky and a landmass on top. This is where the Cipher Rod is located.
  4. Then, you have to go through the portal as it moves to the right. You’ll fall, but a ledge will catch you.
  5. Once you land, you have to go forward and kill any enemies. You’ll find a statue with an orb. The Cipher Rod is next to it, on a stand.
  6. Finally, you have to take the Cipher Rod to Ava in Ward 13. She’ll give you the Enigma weapon, a device that can alter reality.
  7. Now, you can use the Enigma weapon and have fun. You can make portals, slow time, or blast enemies.

Labyrinth Staff And Bastion Aberration: Secret 2

Remnant 2’s Labyrinth biome has two secrets: the Labyrinth Staff and the Bastion Aberration.

First of all, the Labyrinth is a place that connects different worlds and has various gateways, bridges, and statues.

One of these statues holds the staff, a weapon that shoots energy beams and black holes.

To get it, you need to find a hidden switch and activate it.

On the other hand, Aberration is a powerful enemy that guards a hidden area.

To reach it, you need to cross a bridge that only appears when you shoot a certain gateway.

Both of these secrets are challenging to find and require exploration and skill.

labyrinth staff
Labyrinth Staff shoots energy beams and black holes.

How To Get Labyrinth Staff And Bastion Aberration?

To obtain the Labyrinth Staff, you must first locate a hidden place in the Labyrinth that leads to a hidden pathway.

Here are the steps to get the Labyrinth Staff:

  1. First, go to the top of a checkpoint in the Labyrinth and fight some Golems.
  2. After you defeat them, jump to the next crumbling area and cross the bridge that appears.
  3. Then, wait for a disc to form and use it as a bridge to the next place.
  4. Next, defeat Bastion, a powerful Aberration, by shooting at its glowing sphere.
  5. Finally, pick up the Labyrinth Staff from the altar behind Bastion’s spawn point.
  6. To return, drop to the ground and take a portal.
labyrinth staff
A player obtaining Labyrinth Staff

Leto’s Stash: Secret 3

Leto’s Stash is a Remnant 2 hidden secret that grants you a formidable armor set and a trophy/achievement.

However, it’s in a secret region of Ward 13 that can only be reached via the Labyrinth biome.

Biome Portal Key remnant 2 labyrinth secrets
Biome Portal Key is a quest item.
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How To Find Leto’s Stash?

You must complete the first non-Earth world and Labyrinth biome; and defeat the Labyrinth Sentinel boss.

You will receive the Biome Portal Key allowing you to open a secret gate in the Labyrinth.

Follow the steps below for more guidance:

    1. To start, go back to the Labyrinth’s checkpoint and take the right stairs.
    2. Next, turn right at the first landing and cross over the bridge.
    3. Then, turn right again and drop down to the lower level. Follow the path to the small opening on the left.
    4. After that, skip the gateway and look for a hidden portal below the bridge. Jump in and fight the enemies.
    5. Subsequently, go left to the door and enter it. You will see a gateway on your right.
    6. Furthermore, go behind the gateway and find a secret portal on the wall. Enter it and go left through the small hole.
mark in armor
Mark in armor.
  1. Additionally, use the wall pieces to climb up and across to the other side. Go up the barriers and crouch through the hole in the wall.
  2. Moreover, climb the right wall and jump across the gap. Crouch into another hole in the wall and follow the tunnel.
  3. Finally, you will reach a big gate with a keyhole. Use your key to open it and enter the room.
  4. Hence, You will find a crate with a Chicago Typewriter and a great gun on it. Pick it up and check the chest in the container for Leto’s Stash.
chicago-in-letos remnant 2 labyrinth secrets
You need to pick the Chicago Typewriter.

4. Reprocessed Heart: Secret 4

The Reprocessed Heart is a relic in Remnant 2.

It converts +5 health as grey health into 40 mod power per second for both weapons for 25 seconds.

However, you can’t die from this conversion, but you lose your health.

reprocessed heart remnant 2 labyrinth secrets
Reprocessed Heart is a relic in Remnant 2.

Therefore, this relic lets you use your mods more often and do more damage with them.

In conclusion, it is good for players who rely on mods and want to increase their mod power.

How To Get Reprocessed Heart?

To get the Reprocessed Heart, you will need to find a secret area in the Labyrinth biome.

Follow the steps below:

  1. After finishing the first world other than Earth, go to the Labyrinth.
  2. Further, wait for a portal with only sky and land on top. Then enter the portal when it moves right.
  3. Fall down and land on a ledge. Next, kill the enemies ahead.
  4. Finally, get the Reprocessed Heart near a statue.
new relic remnant 2 labyrinth secrets
A player obtaining a new relic

The Bottom Line

Remnant 2 has many hard secrets where you must observe and solve puzzles unique to this game.

However, if you can discover them, you will be rewarded with unique items and a sense of accomplishment.

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