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How To Find Nimues Retreat In Remnant 2?

Nimues Retreat in Remannt 2 is a rare location to extract precious rewards.

Players can find a character called Nimure in the Nimues Retreat.

Nimues Retreat in Remnant 2 is located at the Losomn end-point of Earth. Players can track the Location from the Beatific Palace or the Marrow Parish, depending upon their storyline. Players will find Nimue, the Goddess of the Fae, inside the Location. 

Continue reading to track the location and find the prestigious rewards in the Nimues Retreat.

What Is Nimues Retreat?

Nimue’s Retreat is one of the locations in Remnant 2.

The Desolate area is at Losomn, one of the Earth’s four end-points. 

Players can track Nimue in either Beatific Palace or the Marrow Parish Sanatorium

Each Location in Remnant 2 consists of different features, landscapes, types of bosses and rewards according to the difficulty level. 

However, in the Nimues Retreat, players can find the Nimue, the Goddess of the Fae

Nimues, the Non-Player Character(NPC), also acts as a merchant in the game.

NPC are the in-game characters that can guide players to complete future events and help players trade various items for upgraded inventories. 

Upon reaching the secret Location in Remnant 2, players cannot locate any items or enemies, but players can only find the Nimue. 

To continue the event, players should reach out to the  Fae Goddess.

 Further, she will grant the Players The Imposter Queen of the One True King storyline and the Assulum Storyline. 

Upon completing the rewards, players will earn exclusive rewards from the Fae Goddess. 

How To Find The Nimues Retreat In Remnant 2?

If players are willing to track down the Nimues Retreat location in Remnant 2 to grab precious inventories, follow the steps. 

  1. Go to the Beatific Palace in Losomn.
Beatific Palace Remnant 2
Heading towrards the Beatific Palace.
  1. Eliminate all the enemies inside the hall.
Killing enemies in Beatific Palace
Dismantle all the enemies inside the hallway.
  1. Locate the Elevator and head downwards.
nimues retreat remnant-2
Locate the Elevator in the Beatific Palace.
  1. Visit inside the Tunnel near the Checkpoint. 
Tunnel Checkpoint Remnant 2
Go inside the Tunnel located near the Checkpoint.
  1. Follow the path to find Nimues Retreat. Players can also find Nimue inside the Location.
nimues retreat remnant-2
Character interacting with Nimue in Nimues Retreat

Upon interacting with Nimue in the Nimues Retreat, the Fae Goddess will ask Players to help her.

Players will either get the One True King event or the Asylum event depending upon which route they found the Goddess. 

Players must kill Faelin or Faerie on one true king, ‘s The Imposter Queen, to continue the event.

Furthermore, on the other hand, Players have to kill a boss called The Nightweaver in the Asylum event.

Players can even trade their items for upgraded inventories to win battles against powerful enemies and bosses.

Moreover, they can trade their items for up to seven upgraded inventories. 

For instance, players can trade Rune Pistol for Decrepit Rune, One True King Sigil from Faelin’s and Faerin’s Sigil, and Tranquil Heart for Tormented Heart. 

The Bottom Line

Nimues Retreat is one of the locations found in Losomn Point.

Moreover, players can locate the Retreat from Beatific Palace or the Marrow Parish Sanatorium, depending on their storyline. 

The Players will find Nimue, also known as the Fae of the Goddess, in the Location.

Finally, The Fae Goddess will grant the players multiple missions and act as a merchant to trade the inventories. 

Hopefully, you will learn about Burden of the Stargazer and Best Mutator for Nightfall in Remnant 2. 
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