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Who Is The Betrayer Of One True King In Remnant 2?

One True King in Remnant 2 is one of the characters who a Fellow Foe Council Member executed. 

Moreover, the storyline occurs in the Losomn location, one of Earth’s four end-points.

One True King is a character betrayed by one of the three Fae Council Members named Nyele. Players can present evidence of the color of Assasin’s Dagger’s bottom color to the Council  Members. Upon finding the imposter, players will receive an Ornate Blade.  

Continue Reading to find the One True King’s betrayer’s location and its occurrence in future events. 

Who Is One True King?

The One True King is an in-game character in Remnant 2.

Moreover, One True King was betrayed by one of the Fae Council Members. 

Players must play an event to find the One True King’s imposter.

Furthermore, if the players complete the mission, they will learn who is the real traitor to the King.

Finally, The event gets started at the Council Chamber location. 

Who IS  The Imposter Of One True King?

Nyele, Oniril and Savan are among the Fae Members who are on the Quest to uncover the true traitor of the One True King. 

Furthermore, Players must play the Quest to know the traitor among the two members.

Next, Players must visit the quest room and gather all possible evidence against the cheater of the One True King. 

Finally, Players can even point their finger at the wrong imposter and emerge in a fight with them. 

How To Find The One True King Imposter?

To find the traitor of the One True King Imposter, follow the given steps;

  1. Visit the Council Chamber and start the Quest with Fae Council Members
One True King Remnant 2
Enter the Chamber Council and start the Quest.
  1. Head towards the Council Tribunal and eliminate all the enemies in the Hall.
Council Tribunal Remnant 2
Finish all the enemies in the Council Tribunal.
  1. Grab the High Counsilor Savan’s Key, Oniril’s Key and Nyele’s Key.
High Counsilor key remnant 2
Collect all three High Counsilor Savan’s Key, Oniril’s Key and Nyele’s Key.
  1. Match the keys according to their color.
One True King killer Remnant 2
Match all three keys in accordance with their Color.
  1. Head towards the newly unlocked hallway.
Remnant 2 one true killer
Visit the newly unlocked door and enter the hall.
  1. Grab the Assasin’s Dagger and Assasin’s Seal from the hall.
Assasins Dagger Remnant 2
Climb the stairs and collect the Assasin’s Dagger and Assasin’s Seal.
  1. Present the evidence of Assasin’s Dagger color to the Fae Council Members and Prove Nyele is the betrayer. 
One True King Remnant 2
Present the Dagger evidence to prove Nyele is the Imposter. 

The Quest will be completed after players prove the traitor who betrayed One True King is Nyele. 

In contrast, Players will receive a powerful melee weapon called Ornate Blade.

Then, the Melle can be useful for trading or fighting an enemy without wasting any Gun ammunition. 

The Bottom Line

One True King was an in-game Character who was betrayed by one of the Fae Council Members called Nyele.

Moreover, upon Presenting the evidence to find the imposter, players can receive a reward of Ornate Blade from the other two council members.

Hopefully, players will be able to find the Assasin’s Dagger Evidence to find the Traitor of the One True King.

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