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Obelisk Research In Enshrouded: Is There A Bug?

Obelisk Research refers to a quest in Enshrouded where players must find and interact with the Obelisk stone.

This quest is included in the “A Story of Rot” quest where finding the Obelisk is the first objective.

According to the players, recently they could not complete the quest even after following the objective.

It’s possible that Obelisk Research in Enshrouded is experiencing some bugs, which could also affect other objectives.

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What Is Obelisk Research Quest In Enshrouded?

The Obelisk Research quest is an exciting expedition that invites players to explore ancient mysteries.

Similarly, in certain locations of Enshrouded, players can spot a stone-like structure with a red glow and sculptures.

Ancient Obelisk Research Quest
An Ancient Obelisk is an ancient stone with some message, and you need to interact with it to read it.

The stone is filled with ancient words and some messages; after you interact, you will be given a message.

Hence, the Obelisk Research is an objective of a quest where you have to find the Ancient Obelisk and interact.

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What Is The Bug In Obelisk Research Quest?

Players have raised questions regarding a bug that has arrived in the Obelisk Research quest of Enshrouded.

Further, this bug shows that players cannot complete the Obelisk quest even after interacting with it.

However, there are no mentions of this bug in many channels as this doesn’t seem to be a bug in the game.

This might not be a bug as many players completed this quest and have no report on such issues.

How To Complete Obelisk Research Quest?

Players who are facing the bug might not know the way to complete the quest as they proceed in the quest.

Moreover, there are certain criteria included in this quest as you need to find the Ancient Obelisk and interact with all nearby things.

This refers to all the living and non-living things within the boundary of Ancient Obelisk.

Location For Ancient Obelisk
A story of fire is the location where you can find the ancient Obelisk hidden in a certain area.

Here is a step-by-step guide to complete the Obelisk Research Quest in Enshrouded.

1. Find The Ancient Obelisk Location

You can find an Ancient Obelisk at the location named Story Of Fire which is located at the northwest part of the map.

Similarly, navigate to the location and search for the Ancient Obelisk in the area.

2. Ancient Obelisk

An Ancient Obelisk is a big stone like a sculpture and there is something written in it in an ancient language.

Moreover, you can recognize it by its glow of red gases around it, which seems a bit mysterious and scary.

3. Interact With Ancient Obelisk

The Obelisk Research includes the interaction with the Ancient Obelisk which refers to reading the message.

Further, the sculpture bears a message, so approach it closely and interact to read it.

4. Interact With Other Things

Once you are done interacting with the Ancient Obelisk, make sure to interact with everything else in the area.

Additionally, make sure to check everything else, like stones, the skeleton, and other resources around the boundary of the stone.

5. Completion Of Obelisk Research

After interacting with everything and the Ancient Obelisk, you will be notified with a message of objective completion.

Thus, you have completed the first objective of the “A Story of Rot” quest, so now you can proceed further.

A Story Of Rot Quest In Enshrouded

The primary quest, “A Story of Rot,” in Enshrouded, activates when players complete the “A Story of Fire” quest.

The first objective for this quest is to find a Shroud Obelisk and research the Ancient Obelisk in a certain location.

The fastest way to get to the Obelisk is to travel fast to the Ancient Spire in the Low Meadows and glide northeast.

Therefore, Interact with the Obelisk to read its inscription, and you will complete the quest.

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