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Should an Office Chair Recline?

If you have to work on the Office Desk for an extended period, you need an agreeable Office Chair.

It is always significant to take care of your posture whenever you sit at work.

Moreover, if you have a back problem, you require a better seating arrangement.

A reclining sitting position helps you attain an ergonomic sitting posture.

An Office Chair should recline at about 100 to 110-degree angles. A properly reclined Chair helps to prevent lower back problems. Furthermore, it helps to create an adjustable workspace. 

This article provides some important information about the reclining mechanism of Office Chairs and its pros and cons.

Furthermore, we will also discuss the best reclining chairs available in 2024.

Should an Office Chair Recline?

Most people working for long hours at a work desk have back problems. Generally, recline means to lean backward.

Office chairs having reclining features are considered better. Reclining chairs open up to go flat and provide comfort to your back.

Recliner chairs are usually more comfortable than other regular Office Chairs.

Moreover, they are designed ergonomically, consisting of all the ergonomic features like headrest and leg rest.

A reclining chair
A reclining Office Chair (Source: Amazon)

It is essential for Office Chairs to recline because it helps provide different positions for different tasks.

Users can easily bend down, change the angles, and leg rest height in a reclining chair.

While lying down, there won’t be any pressure on the neck because these chairs provide extra comfort even for sleeping purposes.

Advantages of Using a Reclining Office Chair

Office chairs play a significant role in our day-to-day Office activities.

A reclining Office chair always allows you to adjust according to your preference.

Moreover, the materials used in a reclining Office chair provide comfort and ease your entire body.

Here are some of the significant advantages of using a  reclining Office Chair.

1. Ergonomic Features

A reclining Office Chair consists of ergonomic features. From good lumbar support to the headrest, a reclining Chair offers ease at work.

You can easily feel the sense of relaxation on your body with a reclining chair.

There won’t be any pressure on the body resulting from extended hours of sitting.

Since reclining Office Chairs are made, including all the ergonomic adjustment features, they are suitable for your posture.

You can even take a nap and let your back have a rest amidst the long working hours.

Working in Reclining Position
Working in Reclining Position (Source: Amazon)

2. Reduces the Rear pressure

Long hours at work can create pressure at the base of your spine because of all the weight it needs to support.

Eventually, this leads to serious health issues in the long run.

Reclining Office Chairs help distribute the pressure created by the weight of your body.

When the entire weight of your body is distributed, it limits the rear pressure and ensures comfort.

The Art and Science of Pressure Distribution says the backrest’s tilt can result in great differences in how pressure is distributed across the seater’s back.

3. Works Well with Standing Desks

Standing desks are pretty tall and may not be suitable for people with short height. However, reclining Office Chairs come to the rescue at times like these.

Once you increase the leg rest, your height will increase automatically. In this manner, you can easily and comfortably work on a standing desk.

There is also adjustable leg rests that you can use to add height and create comfort.

Therefore, even short-height people can experience using standing desks for working purposes with reclining chairs.

4. Helps with Blood Circulation

Extended working hours not only cause discomfort but also negatively affect blood circulation. Furthermore, you may end up feeling extra tired and lazy.

However, reclining Office Chairs can somewhat prevent health complications related to blood circulation.

Generally, reclining Office Chairs reduce the flow of blood to the brain. They allow users to recline the seating arrangement and rest their back and feet.

Since you will be seated in a healthy position that a reclining Office Chair ensures, you can worry less about health issues, including blood pressure.

Read on to discover whether sitting in Indian style in an Office Chair is healthy.

5. Provides Relief

Reclining Office Chairs help the users relieve stress. Since stress is generally followed by pain in the neck and joint areas, people working at the Office all day long primarily relate to such issues.

A reclining Chair is widely known for its feature that includes relief of pain and stress.

It ensures comfort while sitting and reduces pain in the joints. Furthermore, it also reduces muscle strains and tiredness.

A  scietific research showed that, the synchronized mechanism of an Office Chair that indicates a backward tilt of the seat while the backrest is reclining keeps the lumbar lordosis equally distributed.

Therefore with reclining Office Chairs, you can feel at ease and comfortable. Stress reduction will help you attain relief, work at peace, and boost productivity.

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Disadvantages of Using a Reclining Office Chair

1. They are Expensive

Reclining Office Chairs are mostly expensive. Since these chairs are designed ergonomically, they contain more features.

Reclining Office Chairs are adjustable by nature and are built with high-quality materials.

Because they are uniquely standardized and have many features, the price tag automatically becomes higher.

Reclining chairs are worth investment because of the comfort and safety they provide.

However, these chairs may not be affordable to each one of us.

Generally, a good quality reclining Office Chair costs around $200 and above.

2. Occupies Larger Space

Recliner Office Chairs are comparatively larger than normal Office Chairs.

Since these Chairs have the reclining feature and can move back, they require ample space.

If you have set up your workspace in a limited area, recliner chairs may not suit your work purpose.

Recliner chairs generally cover twice the space of a chair of the same size.

Read on to learn how much space do you need for an Office Chair.

3. Reclining Chairs are Heavy

Reclining Office Chairs are usually heavy, and this hampers their mobility.

Generally, reclining Office Chairs are made up of a lot of materials. Other than the mainframe of the chair, there are various other materials.

The entire wiring, soft headrests, and cushion add to the weight of reclining chairs.

Therefore, it becomes hard to shift reclining chairs from one place to another. This causes problems if you want to move your workspace to a different area.

The normal Office Chair weighs around 15-35 pounds (9-13 kgs), and a reclining Office Chair weighs about 40-65 pounds (18-27.5) kgs.

Also, read about utilizing the dining chair as an Office Chair.

How Much Should an Office Chair Recline?

For performing official jobs, make sure your chair reclines systematically.

According to the research made by Cornell University on ergonomics of Sitting, an Office Chair should recline to 110 degrees.

You can easily unlock the reclining feature and lean back throughout your task. It is also okay to recline your Chairs to 130 degrees.

If you have placed your reclining Chair in the proper position, it helps relieve pressure on your spine. Some Chairs do contain the tilt-limit setting.

You can lean towards the back as far as you want and lock yourself into a preferred position.

Make sure your bottom is pressed against the back of your Chair.

Reclining Position in Office Chair
Reclining Position in Office Chair (Source: Amazon)

Some Chairs allow you to set the tension of tilt. You can adjust the tension in such a way that you can lean back in the chair comfortably.

Also, ensure the chair does not spring firmly upright when you lean forward.

If you feel difficult to lean back even after pushing forcefully, you can loosen up the tension anytime.

Best Reclining Office Chairs in 2024

It is always better to research before purchasing a reclining Chair for your Office.

Since it requires quite an investment, always consider knowing about different options beforehand.

Here is a list of a few of the best Reclining Chairs you can have for your work desk:

Reclining Office Chairs Features Images
Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner ChairPromotes air flow, comfortable during long work sessions and adjustable features
REFICCER High Back Executive ChairAffordable, great lumbar support and caster wheels
Duramont Reclining Leather Office ChairHigh stability, full reclining capacity and high backrest
Vinsetto Ergonomic Executive Office ChairDurable, headrest and lumbar support with retractable footrest
Gates Genuine Leather Executive ChairReclining ability with hinge, made of pure leather and caster wheels
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Final Verdict

A reclining Office Chair will always offer you the best comfort and support at the same time.

When a body is reclined, it ensures the back support and elevates the legs. It helps users attain a comfortable sitting position.

Since reclining chairs help has multiple sitting positions, you can always take a break and lay down for some time.

Reclining position helps to take off the pressure from the spine.

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