How Much Space do you Need for Office Chair?

When I first started working from home during the pandemic, I noticed that the space in my home office for the office chair was incorrectly arranged since I struggled to move the chair and get up every time.

So, I researched online and planned the space for my home office and its furniture to fit my small home office perfectly.

You will also need to pre-determine the space required for each piece of furniture like me, or else your home office can look cluttered.

An office chair needs 42 inches square or 107 cm square area around it for easy movement with at least 20-30 inches or 50-80 cm of space behind the desk. If the office chair is near the wall, at least 36 inches of space is needed between them. 

Office chair and Desk (Source: Pixabay)

Different factors contribute to the number of chairs you can fit in your home office, like chair size, room size, etc.

Read on to find out the number of chairs you can fit in your room according to those factors and the space needed for your office chair.

Why do you Need Space Around Office Chair?

The office chair needs enough space for your comfort and also chair safety. Without proper space planning, you could end up constantly facing obstacles in moving your chair or even getting up from the chair.

Here are some of the reasons why you need enough space around your office chair.

1. Ease of Movement

To work comfortably, you should be able to move your chair back without hitting anything and move the chair around to grab your essentials.

Space planning helps you create a comfortable chair space for ease of mobility.

2. Space for Chairmat or Rugs

Chairmats and rugs are primarily used to protect your flooring from the wheels of your office chair.

However, chair mats need to be bigger than the chairs for easy movement and thus require some additional space.

Office Chair with Chair Mat (Source: Unsplash)

For more information on chairmats, read the article; Do Chair Mats Damage Hardwood Floors?

3. Space for Interaction

If your workspace does not have enough space around the office chair, your colleagues cannot gather around the desk for important discussions.

You might miss out on essential updates or discussions this way.

4. Workplace Safety

Proper space planning around desks and chairs is essential for your safety while working. You might fall over if there is constant blockage while getting up or sitting down.

How Much Space do you Need for Office Chair?

You need to plan out space around the chairs, behind the desk and in front of the wall, etc., to ensure your work comfort.

Space for chairsDistance (Inches)Distance (cm)
Space behind the desk20-30 inches50-80 cm
Space between an office chair and wall36 inches92 cm
Space between workspaces78 - 79 inches200 cm
Space around the office chair42 inches square 107 cm square
Space between desk and chair24 inches61 cm

1. Space Behind the Desk

While space planning your workspace, you should leave out at least 20-30 inches or 50-80 cm of space behind the desk. This space will enable you to move your chair comfortably and reach out the furniture behind too.

Chair clearance (Source: Researchgate)

2. Space Between an Office Chair and Wall

There should be at least 36 inches between the office chair and the wall.

The chair placed too close to the wall leads to the chair colliding with the wall whenever you pull the chair to get up.

While on the topic, read about; How Much Space to Leave Between the Desk and the Wall?

3. Space Between Workspaces

If your home office has an open floor plan with multiple workstations, you must leave 78- 79 inches or 200 cm between the workstations.

Leaving at least 1.8 meters between the workstations will allow employees to move around comfortably.

space for office chair
Home office (Source: Unsplash)

4. Space Around the Office Chair

Usually, the office chair needs about 42 inches square or 107 cm square area for itself.

However, this can vary depending on the chair size. Smaller chairs can only need about 35 inches square, and larger chairs might require 55 inches square area.

5. Space Between Desk and Chair

You need at least 2 feet or 24 inches distance between the edge of your desk and the back of your chair. This space allows you to fit your chair correctly in front of the desk with enough leg space.

According to research, less legroom causes excessive bending and imbalance in knee placement which leads to Musculoskeletal problems.

While sitting, there should be enough knee space under the desk. The knee space must be at least 30 inches wide by 19 inches deep by 27 inches.

How Many Office Chairs can you Fit in your Home Office?

Home offices are personalized, comfortable spaces compared to the general workspace in offices. For this reason, you cant designate multiple desk and chair areas in a space-saving layout.

You might need to consider decorations, home office aesthetics, other furniture, etc., while planning out your workspace.

However, you might still need multiple chairs or even tables in your home office if you share your space.

So, how many chairs can we fit in the home office?

The number depends on room size, chair size, features, etc.

space for office chair
Home Office chairs (Source: Unsplash)

1. Home Office Size

A larger home office can fit multiple chairs, while a smaller home office may only fit one chair and a desk.

However, it also depends on how you organize the desk and chairs.

A chair needs 42 inches square area on its own for absolute comfort. So, based on the calculations, a 20-50 square inches room can only fit one chair in comfort and so on.

Room Size (inches)Number of chairs Maximum number of chairs
20 to 50 square feet
50 to 100 square foot
100 to 200 square feet

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2. Chair Size

The number of chairs you can fit in your home office also depends on the size of the chair. If you have limited space, you can choose small chairs with less width to fit your space.

For example, more Amazon Basics Low-Back with only 17.7 inches width can fit in your home office.

This table provides an overview of the number of chairs that fit in an average middle-sized home office.

Chair Size (Width)Number of chairs
(15 -17 inches)
(20 - 35 inches)
(35 - 50 inches)

3. Chair Features

Features of chairs like foldable arms, armless chairs, stackable chairs, etc., also make them more space-saving.

For instance, the Ergonomic Desk Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support has flip armrests to be fully tucked under the desk while not in use.

More such chairs can fit in an average-sized home office than regular chairs.

4. Number of Desks

The number of desks in your room can also determine the space for chairs as desks take up much more space than chairs.

For example, if you use separate desks for each chair, you might only fit one chair in-home office.

However, if you choose to use a big desk or table like in a board room and arrange multiple chairs around it, then you can easily fit 3 -4 chairs even for a small-sized table.

space for office chair
Fitting multiple chairs (Source: Unsplash)

5. Desk and Chair Organization

How you organize your desk and chairs also determine how many chairs you can fit in your home office.

Here are some of the arrangements to fit more chairs in your home office

  • You can line your desks along the walls of the room and place chairs for more space. In this way, you also have a spot at the center of the room for one larger desk with chairs surrounding it.
  • Use one large desk or join multiple desks to form a workspace in the center and arrange chairs around it.
  • Horseshoe arrangement, i.e., arranging two desks parallel to each other and adding another desk to connect these two with chairs facing opposite each other, can fit up to three chairs.

To learn about furniture arrangements in a small room, read the article; How to Arrange Furniture in a Small Home Office?

Final Verdict

Working from home requires a comfortable workspace that includes comfortable and well-spaced furniture.

Office chair requires specific space around it and some distance from other furniture for your comfort and safety.

Since the home office requires decors and might also be a shared space, you need to use an appropriate number of chairs according to room size.

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