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Why Is Optiwand Not Working In Ready Or Not?

Optiwand is an item in Ready or Not that allows players to see beyond the doors to avoid potential threats.

However, players online have complained that it is not working which is a major issue.

In Ready or Not, the Optiwand is not working because players do not look down while approaching a door. Also, the Optiwand only works for wooden doors and not for metal doors or barriers.

Continue reading this article to learn why the Optiwand is not working in Ready or Not.

Introduction To Optiwand In Ready Or Not

Ready or Not is a tactical FPS game that includes various weapons and tools, enhancing tactical gameplay.

Also, one item in the game called the Optiwand breaks the law of an FPS game.

Optiwand Ready Or Not
Using the Optiwand in Ready or Not.

Specifically, the Optiwand allows players to see what’s beyond the doors, giving them a wallhack feature.

Likewise, using it allows players to decide whether to break the door or take a safer approach with lockpicking.

Hence, the Optiwand is one of the essential tools that provide a competitive advantage to players in the game.

However, some players are complaining that the Optiwand does not function properly during the gameplay.

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How To Use The Optiwand In Ready Or Not?

The Optiwand does not work in the game mainly because it has its own gimmick.

Hence, players must learn about its gimmick to make it work in the game.

Here is how to properly use the Optiwand in Ready or Not:

  1. Firstly, players must equip the Optiwand in the LSPD department before the mission.
  2. Also, players should learn that the Optiwand is only usable in front of closed wooden doors.
  3. Therefore, a player must approach a closed door to use the Optiwand.
Looking at bottom of the door to use Optiwand
Players should look at the bottom of the door if the Optiwand is not working.
  1. Additionally, a player must pan down their crosshair at the bottom of the door to unlock a new prompt.
  2. In doing so, the game asks players to press the F key to switch to the Optiwand.
  3. Finally, players can activate the Optiwand by clicking the Left Mouse Button or the Shoot button.

Reasons Why The Optiwand Is Not Working

There are various reasons to why the Optiwand is not working in Ready or Not.

In fact, here are some reasons that players must note to learn why they are facing this issue:

  • Generally, players do not know that the Optiwand only works for the wooden doors in the game.
  • Also, some players do not equip the Optiwand in their loadout in the LSPD department.
  • Additionally, the Optiwand is only usable able looking at the bottom of the door.
  • The game does not provide any tutorial on how to use this tool even in the tutorial.
  • Finally, each player might have a separate interact key, meaning that the default key does not work.

However, if the Optiwand is still not working, players must contact the official  Ready or Not Discord server.

The Bottom Line

The Optiwand is a must-have tool for SWAT that allows them to learn about the active threat beyond the wooden doors.

However, it is quite tricky to use as the game does not provide any tutorial regarding how to use it.

Therefore, many players have trouble using the Optiwand, compelling them to seek online guidance.

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