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Ghost Orange Nemo Skin In Party Animals: How To Get It?

If you are looking for a party that is out of this world, look no further than the Orange Nemo in Party Animals bash.

This is the place where Orange, Nemo, and Party Animals come together to create a magical experience that will blow your mind.

Don’t miss this chance to join the most awesome party in the sea.

To get Orange Nemo Skins, you must watch certain Party Animals streamers on Douyu for at least 5 hours using the mobile app and verify your identity with a Chinese ID card.

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The Nemo Skins In Party Animals

In Party Animals, you can use Nemo Skins to customize your character.

There are several Nemo skins available, each with a different theme and colour. 

Some of the Nemo Skins available are:

1. The Purple Nemo Skin:  It has a purple body with a spider web pattern and a skull mask. You can get into Party Animals by watching the game’s streams on Twitch.

2. The Pink Nemo Skin: This skin has a pink body with a ghost-like pattern and a pumpkin hat. It is exclusive to the BiliBili platform.

Nemo skins
Different types of Nemo Skins in Party Animals

3. The Orange Nemo Skin: This skin has a yellow body with an orange skeleton pattern and a witch hat. It is exclusive to the Douyu platform.

4. The Green Nemo Skin: The Green Nemo Skin has a green body with a black bat pattern and a vampire cape.

Get The Orange Nemo In Party Animals

The Ghost Orange Nemo Skin is also known as the Yellow Nemo Skin.

It is a special costume for the Nemo character in the game Party Animals.

Further, it is one of the Halloween-themed skins that were released in October 2023.

Follow the steps below to get the Ghost Orange Nemo Skin.

Orange Ghost Nemo
Orange Ghost Nemo has a Yellow body.

1. Watch Streamers

To get the skin, you must watch certain Party Animals streamers on Douyu for at least 5 hours using the mobile app.

You can find the list of eligible streamers on the official Party Animals website.

Hence, you need to log in with your Douyu account and follow the streamers to get the code for the skin.

2. Verify Your Identity

You need to verify your identity with a Chinese ID card.

It is very difficult for non-Chinese players to obtain the skin.

Moreover, Douyu requires real-name authentication for its users and only accepts Chinese ID cards as valid proof of identity.

Contrarily, if you do not have a Chinese ID card, you will not be able to redeem the code for the skin.

3. Trade Discord Codes

Discord codes can be used to unlock other exclusive skins for Party Animals, such as the Purple Nemo, the Blue Nemo, and the Green Nemo.

The developers of Party Animals give out these codes on their official Discord server.

Some players have tried to trade their Discord codes for the Orange Nemo codes with Chinese players.

However, this is not a reliable or safe method, trading Discord codes for Orange Nemo codes is risky.

Moreover,  there is no guarantee that the Chinese players will send you the correct code or that the code will work.

Party animals
You can find several Nemo Skins in Party Animals.

The Bottom Line

The Orange Nemo Skin is very rare and coveted by many Party Animals fans.

Many players have expressed their admiration and envy for those who have the skin, and some have even offered to pay a high price for it.

However, the developers of Party Animals have stated that they will not sell the skin.

Further, make it unavailable for other platforms, as it is a special gift for the Douyu community.

Therefore, the only way to get the skin is to follow the steps mentioned above or to hope that the developers will change their minds in the future.

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