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How To Be Born In Oregon Cities Of Bitlife?

Completing challenges in BitLife rewards players with various in-game benefits, such as achievements, special items, or other features.

Players are curious about how to be born in Oregon cities to complete the first task of Raving Lunar Tic in Bitlife.

In Bitlife, Raving Lunar Tic has a sequence of four tasks that you must finish to complete the challenge like being born in Oregon cities, becoming an astronaut, drinking at the club developing an addiction, and retrieving Lunar artifacts.

Continue reading to learn more about how to be born in Oregon cities in Bitlife.

The Raving Lunar Tic Challenge In Bitlife

BitLife is a popular life simulation game that consistently introduces players with thrilling challenges to maintain their interest.

The latest challenge called the Raving Lunar Tic takes players on an exciting journey to transform into spirited but troubled astronauts.

Furthermore, the Raving Lunar Tic challenge has a sequence of tasks for players to complete the challenge.

The first task to begin the Raving Lunar Tic challenge is to be born in Oregon cities.

Raving Lunar Tic challenge
Being born in Oregan cities is one of the first tasks of the Raving Lunar Tic Challenge in Bitlife.

Similarly, the second task of the challenge is to become an astronaut in Bitlife.

To become an astronaut in Bitlife, you must follow a series of steps as follows:

  • Graduate from High school
  • Enroll in university For STEM degree
  • Obtain Pilot’s License
  • Enter Space Academy from Astronaut’s special career menu

After becoming an Astronaut, the next task is to enjoy the nightlife with alcohol and develop an addiction.

To develop an alcohol addiction in Bitlife, you must accept the alcoholic drinks offered five times.

Finally, the last task of the challenge is retrieving lunar artifacts by engaging in space missions and research activities.

You can be eligible to retrieve lunar artifacts only after you reach a major rank in Bitlife.

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Capital Of Oregon In Bitlife

It is beneficial for players to start their life within the capital of Oregon State in Bitlife.

Similarly, players can live their lives to the fullest by having access to several infrastructures in the capital of Oregon.

Likewise, the capital of Oregon is Portland, one of the biggest and most unique cities in the United States.

Subsequently, Portland is also the hub for players to begin their journey or restart their lives in Oregon.

Portland carries a significant amount of priority when choosing the city to be born within the Oregon state.

Since it is the capital of Oregon, players must choose the starting place as Portland while creating a new character.

Thus, explore the capital of Oregon in Bitlife and complete its achievements to enjoy the vibrant city.

How To Be Born In Oregon City Of Bitlife?

If you want to start the Raving Lunar-tic Challenge in BitLife and be born in Oregon, follow these simple steps.

First, you must create a new character in Bitlife by choosing the New Life option in the game.

During the character creation process, make sure to choose the United States as the country of origin.

Hence, this is the first step in setting the stage for your BitLife character’s adventure.

Be born on oregan cities Bitlife
To be born in Oregan cities in Bitlife, you must choose the United States as your starting country.

In addition, you must also choose a starting place for your new character to be Portland in Bitlife.

The most important part of being born in Oregon City is to kick off your BitLife journey in Portland to meet the challenge’s birthplace rule.

Hence, you must ensure your new character is born in Portland to meet the challenge’s birthplace requirement.

You must also go through the challenges and make life choices to complete various objectives of the Raving Lunar-tic Challenge.

The Bottom Line

In Bitlife, players can initiate their new journey by reliving on the streets of Oregon Cities.

However, it is very essential to maintain your character’s health during the alcohol addiction phase to progress in the game.

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