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Human V3 In Blox Fruits: Dominating And Rising Human Race

In the Roblox game Blox Fruits, players can choose from different races, including the Human race, like Human V3.

Moreover, Human V3 represents one of the most advanced versions of the Human race in Blox Fruits.

In Blox Fruits, Human V3 grants players the ability to Last Resort, increased movement speed, extra dodge on observation, and doubled flash step range with reduced cooldown. 

Continue reading to learn more about Human V3, how to obtain it, and what it does in Blox Fruits.

Human V3 In Blox Fruits

Human V3 is the third evolution of the Human race in Blox Fruits.

It is unlocked by completing Arowe’s quest, where players must defeat Diamond, Jeremy, and Fajita.

Furthermore, it introduces the Last Resort ability, which enhances your character’s combat effectiveness by increasing the damage output.

It scales your character’s remaining health but has a brief duration, so timing and strategy are essential.

Therefore, the abilities and buffs it grants make it useful in PvP and PvE combat.

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How To Get Human V3 In Blox Fruits?

By following these steps, you can quickly obtain Human V3 in Blox Fruits:

  1. Make sure you have unlocked the Human race, known as V2, the second version, to start your journey toward Human V3.
  2. Complete the Alchemist Colosseum quest.
  3. Prepare yourself for a challenging battle against a boss called Don Swan.
  4. After defeating him, unlock Don Swan’s room door.
  5. Search for a character named Arowe, who you can find inside the plateau where the boss, Diamond, resides
  6. Interact with him, and he will assign you a quest involving defeating three specific bosses in the Second Sea.
arowe will assign you a task
Talk to Arowe, and he will assign you a task to defeat Diamond, Jeremy, and Fajita.
  1. Diamond is a level 1,400 boss who is a powerful boss with a lot of health and damage. You need to use a high-damage sword or fruit to defeat him.
  2. Jeremy is a level 1,500 boss who is fast and agile with much damage. You need to use a ranged weapon or fruit to defeat him.
  3. Fajita is a level 1,600 tanky boss with a lot of health and defence. You must defeat him with a high-damage sword, fruit, and an excellent blocking weapon.
  4. Once you defeat all three bosses, talk to Arowe again, and you will unlock Human V3.
  5. This will also grant you the title Full Power, which you can display alongside your character’s name.
pay 2 million bellis
Once you pay 2 million Bellis, you will unlock Human V3.

What Does Human V3 Do In Blox Fruits?

Human V3 can do the following things in Blox Fruits:

  1. Human V3 allows players to perform the Last Resort ability, which grants your character a significant combat advantage.
  2. This empowers your character to deal increased damage, depending on how low your character’s health is.
  3. For example, at 50% HP or lower, players deal with 52.25% more damage.
  4. Your character can only activate it for 5 seconds to maximize its impact and has a 20 second cooldown.
  5. It also makes it easier for players to get around the map and avoid enemy attacks.
  6. It grants players a slightly longer dash distance, making it easier to escape danger or engage in combat.
  7. Moreover, it also grants players extra dodge on observation, even when switching to other races.
  8. The buffs make players more challenging to hit and have more chance to survive.
  9. Therefore, it doubles the range of the Flash step with a reduced cooldown, allowing players to travel further and faster.

The Bottom Line

Hence, Human V3 is one of the powerful evolutions which grants players several useful buffs and abilities.

Also, remember that the V3 quest will only save if you die, so grab the quest from Arowe every time you join.

Therefore, if you are a Human race player, I highly recommend you unlock Human V3.

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