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How To Solve The Peg Puzzle In Remnant 2? 

In Remnant 2, players will come across various puzzles to test their abilities to solve various problems. 

The Peg Puzzle requires a keen ear for musical notations and some patience from the players. 

The Peg puzzle in Remnant 2 requires players to place pegs in exact spots to play a notation. However, to figure out the positions of the pegs, players need to have a keen ear for musical notations and patience to explore the area near the harp.

In this article, we will discuss everything about the Peg puzzle and guide how to solve it in Remnant 2.

What Is The Peg Puzzle In Remnant 2? 

Players can find the Peg puzzle in the Forbidden Grove

Moreover, you will be wasting time when you first encounter this puzzle.

You need to power up the machine to solve the puzzle. 

However, you must explore the biome more to power up the machine. 

Here are the steps to power up the Harp in Remnant 2.

  1. First, go up the stairs next to the World Stone room. There is a door in the next section of the biome.
Progress through the first world stone room
Progress through the first world stone room to get to the lever.
  1. Then, enter the area while fighting off monsters; you may enter another area altogether after this area.
  2. Finally, you will enter a new section of the Forbidden Grove. Here, you will find a level that will power the harp.
Pull the lever to power the peg puzzle
Pull the lever to power up the harp to solve the Peg puzzle in Remnant 2.
  1. After you power the harp, you can open a shortcut back to the World Stone. However, it is better to rest here before heading back.
  2. Additionally, you will find a book in this area that will give you hints on how to solve the Harp puzzle.
The notebook provides hints for the puzzle
The notebook provides hints to solve the Peg puzzle in Remnant 2.

However we will be discussing the solution, but if you want to solve it yourself, the notebook is a great place to start.

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How To Solve The Peg Puzzle In Remnant 2?

Solving the Peg puzzle is quite the brain teaser. However, it is solvable.

Here are some steps to solve the Peg puzzle.

You must place pegs according to the notes to solve the Peg puzzle.

Thus, follow the given Peg positions to complete the puzzle.

  • Raise the 5th Peg in the first row.
  • Leave the 2nd row empty.
  • Raise the 4th Peg in the third row.
  • Leave the 4th row empty.
  • Raise the 3rd Peg in the fifth row.
  • Raise the 4th Peg in the sixth row.
  • Raise the 1st Peg in the seventh row.
  • Leave the 8th row empty.
Solve the puzzle by placing the pegs
Place the pegs in the locations to solve the puzzle in Remnant 2.

Each Peg in the harp acts as a musical note. Thus, if you look into the notes, you may be able to solve the puzzle without needing a guide.

Furthermore, pull the lever beside the harp after you place all the pegs in their respective places.

This will raise a bridge from under the water.

After you cross the bridge, you can confront the boss native to the Yaesha world of Remnant 2.

Note: Some players claim that the position of the Peg is unique to every player. However, some claim it is not true. Thus, we advise you to look into the notes to check if your notation is similar to the guide or unique to you.

The Bottom Line

Puzzles in games test the problem-solving abilities and patience of the players.

In Remnant 2, the Peg puzzle is one of those problem-solving ability testers.

Thus, players need to be patient and up their game while solving these puzzles laid out by the game’s developers.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in solving the puzzle and confronting the Yaesha boss in Remnant 2.

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