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Summon Soboz In WoW Classic: An Ultimate Guide

Soboz is a unique and legendary creature that only a few players can encounter and tame in WoW.

It is a level 8 rare demon with 450 health and is regarded as one of the strongest demons.

However, you can summon and kill this powerful demon.

To Summon Soboz in WoW Classic, you should cast a 3-second-long spell once you gather all three reagents: Ominous Tome, Wolf Jawbone, and Wendigo Blood.

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How To Summon Soboz In WoW?

Soboz, a potent level 8 rare demon in WoW with 450 health, is among the game’s strongest adversaries.

Embarking on the challenging quest to defeat Soboz requires a methodical approach.

Here are some steps to follow as a Gnome to summon Soboz:

1. Loot Collection

At first, gather a Jawbone from a wolf, Blood from a Wendigo, and an Ominous Tomb from a troll on Shimmering Ridge.

Omnious Tomb and Wolf Jawbone are unique and Item Level 1 to summon Soboz.

Likewise, the last reagent, Wendingo Blood, is unique and is Item Level 1.

Without any one of these items, you cannot use the spell.

WoW Gameplay Screenshot
WoW character running through the wheat field.

2. Strategic Positioning And Summoning Ritual

Then, it comes down to being strategic. Stand on the designated Rune, resembling a flat tree stump on the floor.

At this point, use the Ominous Tomb to unleash its power, summoning Soboz onto the Rune for a decisive encounter.

3. Engagement Tactics

Confront Soboz directly, utilizing acquired skills to diminish the demon’s formidable health pool.

Finally, executing these precise steps with diligence and skill ensures the summon of the devil.

Moreover, the victory will be a Triumphant one as you will get a rune that holds the knowledge of Demonic Grace.

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What To Do If Reagents Used To Summon Soboz Is Stolen?

Without all three reagents, you cannot summon Soboz. 

It becomes problematic for players when other gnomes steal items for spellcasting in WoW.

First, the most straightforward approach is to revisit the original locations of the stolen items.

Next, collaborate with other players to trade or purchase the stolen items.

WoW in game store
Buying in-game items from the WoW store.

Also, engaging with the WoW community can provide opportunities to exchange resources.

Thus, quick resolving to the spell-casting material shortage.

Moreover, you can explore alternative quests or missions that offer similar items for spellcasting.

In addition, players may find equivalent items through different in-game challenges or quests, as WoW often provides diverse paths for acquiring resources.

The Bottom Line

To summon and defeat Soboz as a Gnome, collect reagents(Jawbone, Wendigo Blood, and Ominous Tomb) for the spell.

Finally, the victory over Soboz gets you a rune with the knowledge of Demonic Grace.

Hopefully, this article helps you know everything about Summon Soboz in WoW Classic.

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