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Earn Steering Wheels In Monopoly Go: Easy Ways

Steering Wheels in Monopoly Go is a new currency exclusive to its Halloween event.

Furthermore, players can earn various goodies for reaching certain milestones by collecting these Steering wheels.

The Steering Wheels in Monopoly Go are easily obtainable through the various links and even various daily activities that the players do while playing the game. These Wheels allow players to earn rewards for reaching certain milestones.
This article discusses the Steering Wheels and how to earn them in Monopoly Go.

What Are Steering Wheels In Monopoly Go?

The Steering Wheels in Monopoly Go is a new form of currency exclusive to the current Halloween event in the game.

Players must collect these wheels to spin a wheel on the Spooky Car Partners board to get points.

The points the players earn through this method will go towards obtaining one of their cars.

During the event, players can complete various milestones. Each milestone will reward players with various goodies.

Here is a list of rewards for each milestone:

  • 2400 Points: 150 Dice
  • 7400 Points: Money
  • 18,400 Points: 250 Dice and Money
  • 40,000 Points: Pink Vault of 350 Dice and Pink 3-Star Pack
  • 80,000 Points: 600 Dice, Money and Golden Pink 3 Star Pack

After completing all four milestones, players will obtain the grand prize of 5000 Dice, a Galaxy Sticker pack and a Crypt Car Token.

Furthermore, for the 80,000 points milestone, players must complete one car.

steering wheels monopoly go
Steering Wheels are a currency exclusive to the spooky car partners in Monopoly Go.

Thus, players must focus on completing the other milestones and then consider completing the car.

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How To Earn More Steering Wheels In Monopoly Go?

There are multiple ways to earn more Steering Wheels in Monopoly Go.

One of the best methods is to use the various free Wheel Links to earn the Steering Wheels.

There are other methods as well. Here is a list of ways to earn more Steering Wheels in Monopoly Go:

1. Eight-hour Shop Reward

In Monopoly Go, players can be rewarded with the Steering Wheels every eight hours. 

To access the reward panel, players can simply go to the menu in the top right corner and then enter the shop.

Here, they must scroll right about four times, and then they will come to the eight-hour reward panel.

They can claim the reward, and then it will show the players the timer until the next reward is available.

2. Quick Wins

The other method is to complete the individual quick wins each day.

In addition, the quick wins are a great way to boost the amount of wheels the players earn in a short period.

3. Tournaments

Various tournaments are running every day or every two days during this event.

Players can complete these tournaments to earn the Steering Wheels.

Furthermore, if the players can reach the top of the leaderboards, they will earn even more Wheels.

4. Milestone Events

Every few days, there is a new main event that players can participate in.

The main event is listed in the front and the center of the game board.

During the Spooky Car Partners event, players can obtain Steering Wheels to compete in certain milestones for the main event.

After following these steps, players should be able to get a decent amount of the currency in Monopoly Go.

steering wheels use monopoly go
Complete the car reward using the Steering Wheel in Monopoly Go.

The Bottom Line

The Steering wheel is a great way to have the community interact with each other and help each other out.

Furthermore, these events also boost the player base and help the game grow even more.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in earning more Steering wheels in Monopoly Go.

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