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What Are The Best Pals For Combat In Palworld?

Players are curious about the best pals they can choose for combat in Palworld.

Furthermore, there are various pals with different abilities in Paworld like combat, healing, planting, medicine making, etc.

The best pals for combat in Palworld are LIF Monk and Fox Sparks whom you encounter at the early stage of the game. They can become formidable pals during battles as they can transform into weapons by equipping themselves with your body.

Continue reading to learn more about the best pals for combat in Palworld.

Choosing The Best Pals For Survival In Palworld

As you progress through challenges in your adventure, you must always be ready for the combat that awaits at every corner.

Furthermore, to survive in the thrilling world of Palworld, having strong pals by your side is a must.

You must choose pals to blend in with your gaming strategy and playstyle to survive in the game.

In addition, you will need pals with strong combat abilities and other versatile abilities like healing, mining, planting, etc.

Moreover, there are various types of Pals and it may be a little confusing to choose which one is best for you.

Pals are divided into tiers in Palworld according to their skills, strength, power, and capabilities.

Hence, the pals are categorized into S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, C-Tier, and D-Tier.

S-Tier pals are exceptional and versatile in almost every aspect of the game whereas A-Tier has comparatively less performance.

The Palworld Best Pals For Combat

When you start your exciting adventure in Palworld, you’ll encounter two pals named Lif Monk and Fox Sparks.

At first, they might seem like regular pals but they have the potential to become your ultimate combat companions in Palword.

Although Lif Monk and Fox Sparks look ordinary, they can transform into powerhouses and super-strong combat buddies.

At level 30, LIF Munk has 719 attack power and 337 defense power with three passive skills.

They will help you capture dungeons and defeat much stronger bosses than your in-game character.

But, you must work around a little to upgrade their abilities and make them stay with you to the end.

LIF Monk And Fox Sparks

LIF Monk and Fox Sparks can reach impressive power levels and can be equipped as a weapon during combat.

For instance, at just level 30, LIF Monk can throw an impressive 719 attacks and Fox Sparks also follows with 704 attacks.

Moreover, they also can give 45% more damage to the enemies with their passive skills.

You can also equip both LIF Monk and Fox Sparks on your body and use them as your weapons for devastating damage.

Partner Skill Of LIF Monk And Fox Sparks

Fox Sparks is a little flame thrower with huggy fire as its partner skill.

Furthermore, activating the partner skill of Fox sparks will equip your body and transform into a flame thrower.

Lif Munk has lifmunk recoil as its partner skill, so when you activate it, equip itself into the player’s head.

Next, it transforms into a submachine gun to follow up player attacks.

Hence, both LIF Monk and Fox Sparks can deal damage to the strong opponents in the battle.

Upgrade LIF Monk And Fox Sparks For Combat

To make these pals powerful, it requires a mix of breeding and using the pal condensation.

The breeding process includes acquiring pals with specific desired passive skills like Lucky, Muscle Head, Ferocious, and Hooligan.

These skills are then stacked onto one pal to attain an impressive 80% attack bonus.

LIF Monk can be upgraded using the pal condensation by adding multiple LIF Monks to enhance its attack, HP, and defense.

Hence, to do this, you must gather a lot of LIF Monk and obtain pal essences from them to condense them into your selected pal.

FOX best pal
When you upgrade Fox Sparks, it can take on stronger opponents by transforming into a flame thrower.

Once you have a powerful Pal, you can further enhance their stats at a Statue of Power using pal essences.

This boosts the Pal’s attack power significantly, making it even more formidable.

In addition, you can farm LIF Monks and Fox Sparks in specific areas, like north of the Plateau of Beginnings.

The Northeast Corner Island is also an excellent location with a high population of Fox Sparks.

Ragna Hawk: The Sky’s Champion

Ragna Hawk is a flying Pal that is a top pick for early and mid-game travel which helps you fly to a new destination.

Furthermore, Ragna Hawk is not the fastest flying Pal however, it helps you to navigate maps easily.

In terms of combat, Ragna Hawk is pretty good at taking on enemies as it can throw strong moves during battle.

When Ragna Hawk attacks, you might find yourself stuck in one spot for a moment.

This is because it is setting up its moves for battle but that can be a bit tricky if you’re up against a tough opponent.

The Bottom Line

If you want the best pals for combat in Palworld, then go for LIF Monk and Fox Sparks.

While they are small and cute, they can show devastating powers when you upgrade them.

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