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Best Palworld Storage Box With Maximum Size

In Palworld, players have ways to manage and maximize the storage due to the weight limits in the players’s inventory.

Players must find other ways to manage the storage as too many resources in the inventory make them move slower.

Players use various materials and resources to create items and structures in Palworld, so sufficient storage is mandatory for organizing and storing crafting material. Hence, maximum storage, including Metal Chest, keeps all the materials in one place, keeping it organized and easier to find when needed.

Continue reading to find out more about how to maximize storage in Palworld.

Manage Storage For Resources In Palworld 

One of the significant factors of Palworld is the ability to manage storage in the game.

While players go through various adventures in Palworld, they collect, craft, and make various resources.

So, it is very necessary to effectively manage those resources and items by storing them in place.

By managing the storage, players can optimize their base and resource management efficiently.

Moreover, players can explore different storage options available in the game to maximize storage capacity.

How To Get Larger Storage Box Size In Palworld?

To get larger storage in Palworld, players must go to the technology section of the inventory and upgrade it.

Furthermore, you must also focus on upgrading the base level as it is directly connected to obtaining larger storage options.

As you progress and increase your base level you can unlock building options and larger and more advanced storage solutions.

If you keep upgrading the base level, you can unlock new technologies, buildings, and storage options.

Hence, as the base level goes higher, it will give you more advanced storage containers with larger capacities.

Antique storage set
As you upgrade you base level, you can unlokc the Antique storage set from the technology section in Palworld.

In addition, a larger base helps provide more space for building, crafting, and placing storage containers.

Likewise, you can only unlock certain storage options like chest and cabinets only after you reach higher base levels.

You can upgrade your base levels by engaging in various activities such as crafting, building, farming, and combat.

Moreover, you must also complete quests and achievements to upgrade base levels and earn XP in Palworld.

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Unlock Storage Box Options In Palworld

In Palworld, you can find various storage boxes with unique characteristics and capacities.

Apart from storage boxes, various furniture in the game are useful for storing items.

Palworld storage options
Wooden chests, wardrobes, cabinets, etc are not only for decorating but also allow you to maximize storage in Palworld.

Many players skip using the furniture in the room by mistaking it for decorating items only.

However, cabinets, wooden shelves, etc are not just decorating items but also a medium for maximizing storage.

1. Wooden Chest

A Wooden Chest is a basic storage box that has 10 slots for storage which can be unlocked at level 2.

This wooden chest is an initial storage solution for players in Palworld.

2. Wooden Barrel Shelf

This shelf is part of the Wooden Tavern Cabinet Furniture Set which has 15 slots for storage.

You can unlock the Wooden Barrel shelf at level 8 which provides additional storage in the game.

3. Cooler Box

A Cooler Box is best for storing food in the game which consists of 10 slots.

You can unlock the cooler box at level 13 and it also helps by reducing food spoilage when paired with a Cooler Pal.

4. Antique Storage Set

Antique set is a wooden tavern cabinet that helps you store items and get more storage.

The antique storage set has 20 slots to store items that you can unlock in level 14.

How To Get Best Palworld Storage Box With Size?

Metal Chest is the best storage box you can use for storing resources in Palword after leveling up your base.

Furthermore, it is one of the most advanced storage solutions you can unlock at level 16.

You can only unlock this storage option when you reach level 16 of the technology section in your inventory.

In addition, the Metal chest is one of the upgraded storage options in Palworld as it consists of 24 slots for storage.

Hence, it has more than a double storage space compared to a normal wooden chest.

The best part about the Metal chest is it automatically carries items while transporting in Palworld.

The Bottom Line

You can get maximum storage options in Paloworld as you progress to the higher base levels.

Furthermore, a higher base level not only unlocks access to larger storage options but also helps to create a space to manage resources.

Hence, maximizing storage options will let you organize resources and explore freely without the issue of heavy bags.

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