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Palworld Boss Glitch Patched: Does It Still Work After Update?

The Boss Glitch in Palworld allows players to catch five tower Bosses around the map.

However, many players have been exploiting this glitch so the game released a new update to fix the glitches.

So, players wonder if the Palworld Boss glitch is patched after the latest update

Continue reading to learn more about the Boss glitch, how to use it, and if it still works.

What Is Tower Boss Glitch In Palworld?

The Tower Boss Glitch is a method of capturing the powerful creatures that guard the towers in the game.

Further, this glitch can be used to obtain rare and powerful pals, as well as gain a lot of XP.

The glitch involves attracting the attention of the PIDF guards in a nearby settlement.

Then, fast-traveling to a tower and using the guards’ attacks to weaken the boss.

Moreover, players can take advantage of the glitch to add all the tower bosses to their party.

However, some players consider this glitch to be cheating and unfair, and the developers may patch it in future updates.

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Does The Boss Glitch Still Work In Palworld After Update?

According to the latest patch notes for Palworld, the developers have patched various bugs and exploits, including the Tower Boss Glitch.

This means that the glitch no longer works as of the update 0.1.3 for Steam and for Xbox.

After this recent update, many players cannot use the Boss glitch in Palworld anymore.

Players who want to capture the tower bosses will have to do so by using the normal catch rate and methods.

However, some players may still have access to the glitch if they have not updated their game yet.

How To Capture All Five Tower Bosses in Palworld?

Players can easily capture these bosses and add to their Paldeck using the glitch.

When they’re captured, they can be used like any other Pals in the game as their stats don’t change when leveling them up.

Further, if the game is not updated, players can still try this glitch to capture all five tower bosses.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to capture the tower bosses in Palworld:

1. Attack Any Guard

Initially, fast travel to any town with guards, like small settlements and start a fight with them.

Start by hitting the PDIF guards and raise your wanted level.

Step for tower boss glitch
Small settlements in Palworld have guards around them.

2. Teleport To The Boss Area

After attacking the guards, teleport to the tower and enter it to fight the boss.

The PIDF guards will also spawn inside the tower following you.

Additionally, make sure the guards are following you before you enter inside the tower.

3. Start The Boss Fight

Let the PIDF guards shoot the tower boss until it takes damage. You can see the damage values as numbers beside the boss.

After the boss fights, the tower boss will move to the corner of the tower, indicating that you have done everything correctly.

Then, once the boss is distracted by the guards, you can throw a Pal Sphere at it and capture it with a 100% success rate.

capturing boss with Palworld boss Glitch
Capturing all the five Tower bosses in Palworld and adding to the Party.

Moreover, respawn to end the battle and lose your wanted level.

Further, catching the boss will not count as defeating it, and you need to clear the tower normally to progress.

Overall, even after the patch, many players are able to use this glitch to capture the tower bosses as of now.

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