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Palworld Elphidran Saddle: Technology Points And Tier

The Elphidran Saddle is a special tool in Palworld that makes the gameplay experience even more fun.

Moreover, this tool is useful for players who want to equip their Elphidran pal with a saddle for various purposes.

Palworld players can unlock and craft the Elphidran saddle following its capture using the required materials.

Continue reading this article to explore more about Palworld’s Elphidran Saddle.

What Kind Of Pal Is Elphidran In Palworld?

Elphidran is Palworld’s 80th entry in the Paldeck and its element type is dragon.

It is a fantasy-inspired pal with features resembling dragons that possess unique abilities.

It is relatively large and has a bright blue color, golden-tipped wings, and floppy ears.

Elphidran’s partner skill is Amicable Holy Dragon which allows Elphidran to be used as a flying mount.

Elphidran's intro in Palworld.
Elphidran’s intro in Palworld during the extraction.

This ensures that the players don’t have to spend much time running around mountains and hills.

It enhances the abilities of Elphidran making it a formidable pal in the player’s journey.

Though it doesn’t immediately attack you, it will eventually defend itself if you stick around for too long.

Unfortunately, Elphidran does not have much to offer when working at the base.

It only has Lumbering level 2 which is very limited compared to other bosses and pals.

Consequently, Elphidran is not a pal featuring multiple abilities for a well-rounded base.

Where To Find Elphidran In Palworld?

To find Elphidran, Players can head toward the Alpha Boss Grounds which is its guaranteed spawn area.

This spot is situated just east of the Ancient Ritual Site fast travel point and south of Hypocrite Hill.

Players can notice Elphidran’s icon on the map as they go north from the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate.

Elphidran is typically found in a big area surrounded by other pals, making it an ideal environment for encounters.

The place to find Elphidran in Palworld.
The place to find Elphidran in Palworld.

This open terrain provides ample space to navigate and kite Elphidran’s attack.

The expansive grounds will become advantageous for players with ranged capabilities.

How To Capture Elphidran In Palworld?

To capture this formidable level 30 dragon-type pal with 2700 health, players shall prepare themselves well.

Leveling up the character and stocking up on better Weapon and shields is necessary for a smoother encounter.

Elphidran is a pal vulnerable to Ice-type pal attacks, so players should find a clue.

Capturing Elphidran in Palworld.
Capturing Elphidran in Palworld.

Therefore, players can use their Ice hitter pals like Alpha Pal and Ice-type Penking.

Facing Elphidran alongside your team will make quick work of the challenge.

Elphidran moves relatively slowly despite its powerful ranged attacks. This allows players with ample room to avoid such attacks.

Moreover, Using a higher-level pal sphere such as a Giga sphere, can help capture Elphidran’s Alpha form. 

This advanced capturing tool ensures a successful capture, allowing players to add Elphidran to their collection.

How To Craft Elphidran Saddle In Palworld?

Once successfully capturing Elphidran, players can enhance their interaction with it by crafting the Elphidran Saddle.

Players are required to be at Tier 21 before they can unlock the Elphidran Saddle technology.

Additionally, unlocking this technology requires 2 technology points before crafting.

This technology secures rides on the majestic pal facilitating better exploration of the game universe

For crafting, the Elphidran saddle requires specific crafting materials that include:

  1. 20 Leather
  2. 20 Fiber
  3. 15 Ingot
  4. 20 Paldium Fragments.

This Rarity-2 item, stackable to an impressive 999999  is the key to exploring the Palworld skies.

Crafting this technology can be of great help for players to make progress in the game.

It allows players to explore the Palworld universe on the back of the Majestic Elphidran.

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