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Lies Of P Overgrown Stargazer: How To Perform?

As you explore the Pilgrim’s Path, you notice a faint glow among the greenery.

You approach it and discover that it is a Stargazer, unlike any you have encountered.

It is covered with ivy and petals as if nature has reclaimed it. Therefore, you feel a strange attraction to it and decide to investigate further.

To perform the Overgrown Stargazer in Lies of P, find the Overgrown Stargazer on Pilgrim’s Path and use the map to locate it. Further, interact with the Stargazer and solve a puzzle that involves rotating the ivy-covered rings to align the symbols.

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Overview Of The Overgrown Stargazer In Lies Of P

The overgrown stargazer quest is one of the most mysterious and rewarding quests in Lies of P.

It is not marked on the map or mentioned by any NPC, so the player must discover it independently.

It involves finding and activating all the overgrown stargazers in the game; powerful enemies guard them.

Doing so will unlock a secret area called The Garden, where the player can find The Truth.

Further, the player will receive The Butterfly Mask as a special reward for completing the quest.

This mask grants The Butterfly Effect, which is an ability that allows him to summon butterflies to attack enemies or heal allies.

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Ways To Perform The Overgrown Stargazer

The Overgrown Stargazer is a secret area with a Stargazer covered by vines and flowers.

Further, it has a unique function different from the other Stargazers in the game.

To perform the Overgrown Stargazer, you need to do the following steps:

1. Find The Overgrown Stargazer

First, you need to find the Overgrown Stargazer.

It is located in the Path of the Pilgrim, near the entrance to the Cathedral of Bones.

You can use the fast travel option from any Stargazer to get there quickly.

The Overgrown Stargazer is hidden behind a wall that a heavy attack can break.

Further, you will see a blue light and a butterfly indicating its location.

Find the stargazer
Find every stargazer

2. Activate The Overgrown Stargazer

Next, you need to activate the Overgrown Stargazer.

Unlike the other Stargazers, you must use a particular item, the Flower of Life.

You can obtain this rare item when you defeat the game’s True Final Boss.

However, players can unlock it after completing all the side quests and collecting all the memories.

Therefore, the True Final Boss is a challenging fight requiring high skill and preparation. 

3. Use The Overgrown Stargazer

Third, you need to use the Overgrown Stargazer.

Once you have the Flower of Life, you can interact with the Overgrown Stargazer and place the item on it.

However, this will trigger a cutscene that will reveal the true nature of the Stargazer and its connection to Pinocchio’s past.

The Overgrown Stargazer will grant you access to a new game mode: New Game ++.

What To Expect After The Overgrown Stargazer Quest?

After completing the Overgrown Stargazer quest in Lies of P, you can expect to see the following changes in the game:

1. Unlock A New Game Mode

You will unlock a new game mode: New Game ++.

This is a more complex version of New Game + with new enemies, items, and secrets to discover.

Thus, you can start New Game ++ from the main menu after finishing the game once.

2. Learn Pinocchio’s Past

You will learn more about the true nature of the Stargazer and its connection to Pinocchio’s past.

Moreover, it will reveal some shocking truths about the origin of the puppet and the purpose of the Stargazers.

3. A Special Item

You will receive a particular item: the Flower of Life.

This rare item can upgrade your weapons and skills to the maximum level.

Further, it can be used to craft unique special- effects items.

the red butterfly
The red butterfly is the hidden item.

4. A Reward

You will feel accomplishment and satisfaction for completing one of the most hidden and rewarding secrets in Lies of P.

Hnece, you will get a trophy or achievement for performing the Overgrown Stargazer.

The Bottom Line

Overgrown Stargazer will trigger a cutscene that will reveal the true nature of the Stargazer and its connection to Pinocchio’s past.

Further, the Overgrown Stargazer will grant you access to a new game mode: New Game ++.

I hope this information helps you understand the quest better and relish the game.

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