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Why Is Crusher Not Working In Palworld?

Gamers are in awe that even after doing all the hard work to unlock the crusher it is not working in Palworld. 

Assigning their pals automatic task is also facing some bugs and results in them choosing alternative tasks rather than operating the Crusher. 

However, checking all necessary details and resources before operating a crusher will help you resolve the problems.

Continue reading to find out more about why is Palworld crusher not working.

What Is Crusher In Palworld? 

In Palworld, a Crusher is essential for breaking down Stone and Wood, allowing you to obtain materials like Paldium Fragments.

However, this traditional station is crucial for your base, to acquire it, invest two Technology Points in the Technology menu at level 8.

This strategic move unlocks the Crusher early in the game, saving you time in crafting Pals-catching Spheres.

Paldium Fragments are crucial for creating Spheres, making the Crusher, Stone Pit, and Logging Site essential in Palworld.

Otherwise, it hinders progress by requiring additional leveling for more points.

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How To Build A Crusher In Palworld? 

Once the Crusher is unlocked, swiftly build it using the build menu under the Production tab, requiring specific resources.

The necessary resources include 10 Paldium Fragments, 20 Stones, and 50 Wood.

Firstly, Navigate to the designated location, press the build button, and with the aid of Pals, the construction process will take 20-30 seconds.

However, it is important to know that the Crusher exclusively collaborates with Pals possessing the Watering trait, such as Teafant.

palworld crusher not working
A Gamer builds a crusher after collecting all the necessary items.

To fully utilize the crusher, combine the selected Pal into your base, interact with the Crusher, and specify the desired crafting options.

This will allow your Pal to seamlessly execute the assigned tasks, freeing you to focus on other activities.

The Crusher’s functionality underscores its dependency on a Pal for operation, it cannot be operated independently.

Its successful utilization hinges on strategic planning, resource gathering, and collaboration with Pals possessing the requisite traits.

Why Is Crusher Not Working In Palworld? 

The issue of the Crusher not functioning in Palworld has been a source of frustration for many players.

Despite having Pals with the necessary watering skill, some players find their Pals not using the Crusher, prioritizing automatic tasks instead.

Moreover, queuing a recipe appears to trigger a halt in the Crusher’s operations.

Despite having active water pets and the required crafting materials, the Crusher is unresponsive for some players.

However, Attempting to assign Pals to the base or the team results in them choosing alternative tasks rather than operating the Crusher.

In order to troubleshoot, players have experimented with relocating the Crusher within their bases.

Pushing the Crusher inward resolved the issue for some players, revealing a potential glitch in the crusher.

As the frustration grows, some players consider crafting additional Crushers in an attempt to troubleshoot and get the desired functionality.

How To Fix Crusher Not Working In Palworld?

Troubleshooting a non-functional Crusher in Palworld involves a systematic approach,  here’s a detailed guide to fix it:

1. Verify Resources

The first step is to check whether the Crusher has the essential resources which are 50 Wood, 20 Stone, and 10 Paldium Fragments 

A player checking number of paldium to operate a crusher.

Placing the Crusher near resource stations is advisable, allowing it to efficiently use its outputs.

2. Check Level And Technology Points

Confirm that you have reached level eight to unlock the Crusher and have accumulated the necessary Technology Points in the Technology menu.

Additionally, meeting these criteria ensures you can obtain the Crusher within the initial hours of gameplay.

This involves strategic planning to allocate points wisely, avoiding unnecessary detours.

3. Proper Placement

Once the required resources are gathered, the next step is to place the Crusher in the desired location.

For that, hold the build button to initiate the construction process.

If you have many Pals in your base, their assistance can expedite the building process, taking only 20 to 30 seconds for completion.

This allows you to quickly integrate the Crusher into your operations and start reaping its benefits.

4. Use A Watering Trait Pal

 The Crusher requires assistance from a Pal with a Watering trait, such as the Teafant.

The Watering trait ensures that the Pal can interact with the Crusher, making them an indispensable part of your resource processing system.

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