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Build Palworld Improved Furnace: Create High Quality Workbench

In Palworld, the Improved Furnace is a tool players can use to make stuff like charcoal and refined ingots.

Players must visit different locations and collect the necessary resources to build this tool in Palworld.

The Palworld Improved Furnace is the tool that players can use to make more advanced refined ingots.

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What Is Improved Furnace In Palworld?

In Palworld, furnaces and ingots play a pivotal role in the player’s journey, serving as indispensable components for progression.

Also, essential resources like Ingots and charcoal are necessary to craft items and weapons and to stand against any danger in Palworld.

palworld refined furnace
Get Improved Furnace by collecting necessary in-game resources.

Improved Furnace is an essential tool that allows players to craft different metals by smelting raw materials.

Players must advance beyond Primitive Furnace, as only the regular Ignots can be smelted using this Furnace.

Contrarily, players need to build up the improved furnace at their base to craft Refined Ingots.

However, players must reach Level 34 at the Technology Menu to craft this item.

To get to the Technology Menu, open the inventory and tab over to the ‘Technology Menu’ to the right.

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How To Build Improved Furnace In Palworld?

In Palworld, crafting refined ingots allows players to make more advanced weapons and items.

Moreover, it is essential for protecting themselves against both environmental hazards and hostile creatures.

Here is the guide that players can follow to build an improved furnace to craft the Refined Ingots:

1. Catch Foxparks

Foxpark is the fire element pal with an epic flamethrower ability.

Players can obtain Flame Organ materials, essential to built structures and craft items by catching or killing Foxparks as they drop them.

Collect the 15 Flame Organs in Palworld
Collect the 15 Flame Organs to build an Improved Furnace.

However, players must collect the 15 Flame Organs from this mini fox Pal at their base.

2. Get Ore With Stone Pickaxe

Players must get the ore using the stone pickaxe to mine rocks in the Palworld.

Moreover, players must obtain 100 stones to build an Improved Furnace at their base.

3. Build A Primitive Furnace To Get Ingots

Players can unlock the Primitive Furnace in Palworld starting at level 10 and must gather a few resources to build it.

However, players must need 20 pieces of wood, 50 stones and 3 Flame Organs to build the Primitive Furnace.

After building it use this Furnace to get Ignot, which is necessary to make metal weapons and armor.

4. Craft Nail And Build High-Quality Workbench

Players must craft nails in the Primitive workbench and start building a High-Quality workbench.

Hence, players must choose a High-Quality Workbench to build an Improved Furnace and place it in the location where they prefer.

 5.  Collect Bones, Pal Fluids And Craft Cement

Players need to collect the bones and Pal fluids to proceed further in the process.

However, players can catch and defeat the Pals that drop these items like Rushoar Pals for bones and Water Pals for Fluids.

Moreover, players need to craft 30 Cement at the High-Quality WorkBench.

6. Build Improved Furnace

After gathering all the necessary resources, players can now build Improved Furnance at their base.

Players can start to make necessary refined ingots and proceed further in their gameplay journey.

How To Craft And Use Refined Ingots In Palworld?

Players must ensure they have assigned a Pal with Kindling Work Suitability to the Improved Furnace to craft the Refined Ingot.

Refined Ingot is a better version of Ingots and one of the most important materials to craft various items and resources.

Once players finish building the Improved Furnace, they can start crafting Refined Ingots.

However, players need to collect 2 Ore and 2 Coal and start smelting these raw resources at an Improved Furnace to produce Refined Ingots.

Upon using this Ingot, players need to select the Refined Ingot recipe and click on the Start Production option to start the process.

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