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Coral Island Animal Festival: Minigames And Prizes

Coral Island has planned a 12th-day festival for Summer naming it Animal Festival on Summer 12.

In this festival, players can play many minigames to receive exciting and surprising Prizes.

There are a total of 4 minigames available in this festival relating to the Animals and you will get to see some unique and surprising rewards upon completing or winning them.

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What Is the Coral Island Animal Festival?

The Coral Island Animal Festival is a lively and festive event that occurs within the game.

It’s a festival where the island comes alive with activities, showcasing the harmony between the residents and wildlife.

Players can engage in various events at the Animal Festival on Coral Island.

During the festival, players have the opportunity to connect with the various animals that inhabit Coral Island.

This includes farm animals, pets, and wildlife contributing to the island’s ecosystem.

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What Are The Minigames In Animal Festival?

Among the festival’s highlights are the delightful minigames that add extra fun to the event.

This minigame refers to the short-time games that are available only during the Festival period.

It brings a unique way of representing the relationship of animals in the Coral Island ecosystem.

Map for the location of the minigames during the Animal Festival.

There are 4 minigames added in the new update with the Animal Festival;

1. Pet Race

Pet race is a main festival event where you can participate with your pet and race with others.

So, you must have a pet to participate. So, make sure to find one before 12th Jan.

Pet Race coral island
View of pet race in the Animal Festival.

2. Cow Race

As you go with the name, a race in front of the Community Center involves racing different Townee’s cows.

Therefore, you must take your cow from your barn and race it with another’s cow in the track.

Cow Race Animal Festival
Make sure to participate in the cow race for exciting rewards.

3. Chicken Competition

This is held in the south where the player’s chicken has starting contests with other chickens.

Chicken can lay golden eggs only if they can win this competition.

Chicken Competition coral island
Make your chicken lay Golden eggs by winning the star competition.

4. The Rodeo

This challenge is located near the chicken competition where players are to compete to stay mounted on the mechanical bull.

Hence, players who can stay on the mechanical bull for the longest time win the competition.

The Rodeo
I am sure you would love to ride a bull and win the challenge.

Festival Rewards In Coral Island

Prizes are distributed upon winning the Minigame as a 1st runner-up with unique and delightful items.

There are different prizes for different games according to the 4 games of the Animal Festival.

The prizes for the 4 games are as follows.

Minigames1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place
Pet RaceIndoor pet bed fox theme, 300 Merit Points
Cow Competition500 CC, 100 merit points500 CC300 CC100 CC
Chicken Competition500 CC, 100 merit points500 CC300 CC100 CC
The RodeoSummer BurgerAssorted Grilled PlatterCorn On The Cob

How Does Animal Festival Shop Looks Like?

There is a Festival shop located near the entrance of the Museum on Coral Island.

This shop has a huge discount on festive items and many more items sold at a 20% discount.

Hence, buying the items during the festival would be advantageous for players due to the drop in the price.

The prices in the shop are seen in the following ways;

Items Prices (Coral Coins)
Chicken suit20,000
Lord mawjestic bush2,140
Sir barks a lot bush2140
Baroque cow bush1,712
Baroque swan bush2,248
Baroque bear bush2,680
Baroque horse bush2,768

The Bottom Line

The minigames in Coral Island’s Animal Festival offer a delightful variety of activities for players to enjoy.

Players can immerse themselves in the fun, earn rewards, and create lasting memories in the world of Coral Island.

Therefore, dive into the excitement, explore the minigames, and enjoy the joy of the Animal Festival.

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