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How To Hatch The Large Damp Egg In Palworld?

In Palworld, players should locate the large damp egg by exploring the areas around the map.

Similarly, players can find numerous eggs while exploring the areas of Palworld likewise you can turn these eggs into Valuable Pals.

In the vast realm of Palworld, players can find the large damp egg by exploring the areas near the Cold Shore. Similarly, players can hatch the legendary Suzaku Aqua from this large damp egg by using the incubator in Palworld.

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Palworld Eggs And Its Timer

In Palworld, players can secure several Pals through several measures, and one is by obtaining their eggs.

Players should traverse around the areas of Palworld to find the Pal eggs to transform them into the Pals.

Similarly, players can take these eggs to the incubator and perform the hatching process to incubate the Pals.

Moreover, players should explore areas such as under the trees, nestled between rocks, on the coast, and on top of cliff sides to find eggs.

Players can find different varieties of eggs ranging from small to huge and with a wide variety of colors.

Besides, all of these eggs have a specific hatching timer period however, the average incubation timer period is 1 to 2 hours.

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How To Hatch The Large Damp Egg?

While collecting several Pal’s eggs within the game realm, players should also collect the Large Damp Egg.

Similarly, the Large Damp Egg is one of the mysterious eggs that are blue and bigger than the normal ones.

Likewise, players must explore areas around the Cold Shore to obtain the Large Damp Egg.

Large Damp Egg
The player can find the Large Damp Egg by exploring the areas near Cold Shore.

Moreover, you should look carefully at the surroundings as these eggs blend with the environment making it difficult to spot.

Upon obtaining the Large Damp Egg, players should perform the hatching process to discover the identity of that Pal.

Process To Hatch The Large Damp Egg

Upon finding the Large Damp Egg, players can hatch the egg to obtain the distinct Pals in the game.

To begin the Hatching Process of a Large Damp Egg, players should take the egg to the egg incubator.

If you don’t have an incubator, you can unlock it with ten Paldium Fragments, Five cloth, 30 stones,s, and two Ancient Civilization Parts.

Finally, once the incubator is ready, players can begin the hatching of the Large Damp Egg by placing it on the incubator.

After you place the egg in the incubator, you will get a countdown until the egg is ready to hatch.

Large Damp Egg Turns To Pal
The player can successfully hatch the Suzaku Aqua from the large damp egg.

However, players might have to wait for 20 hours to successfully incubate the large damp egg.

Finally, after the incubation is completed, players can obtain the new Pal, Suzaku Aqua.

Best Egg In Palworld

There are many eggs of different shapes and sizes in Palworld that players can use to hatch the enigmatic Pals.

Among these eggs, some of them are gigantic when compared to normal eggs.

Likewise, in Palworld, the size of the egg directly influences the probability of obtaining rare and powerful monsters.

Hence, the bigger the Egg is, the higher the probability of obtaining the powerful creatures in Palworld.

Enormous eggs like Large Damp Egg, Large Dark Egg, etc hatch powerful Pals like Tombat and Suzaku Aqua.

However, the bigger egg takes usually more time to hatch when compared to the normal and small eggs.

The Bottom Line

Players can find the Large Damp Egg by exploring the areas around the Cold Shore.

Similarly, the incubation period of the Large Damp Egg might take up to 20 hours.

Moreover, always try to secure the large eggs in Palworld as they present formidable Pals after incubation.

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