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Palworld Mixed Farm Technology Level: Best Breed And Fusion Combo

In Palworld, the mixed farm is the location where players can bring together Pals of opposite genders.

This mixed farm allows players to initiate the captivating process of breeding.

Palworld Mixed Farm is the location where players can crossbreed two opposite-gender pals for offspring. To unlock the Mixed Farm and to breed in this farm players need to be at level 19 and must spend 2 Technology points.

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What Is Palworld Mixed Farm?

In Palworld, a Mixed Farm allows players to consolidate their breeding pals in a single location.

Breeding Pals is a process that involves pairing up Pals for offspring and creating a team of the strongest creatures in the game.

However, in the Mixed Farm, players can fusion Pals of different species, offering diverse outcomes.

This cross-species breeding in Mixed Farm introduces a unique dimension to games and allows players to experiment with different pairings.

Moreover, mixing and matching the characteristics of various pals in the mixed farm led to unique results.

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Unlocking Mixed Farm: Infuse Pals

The best breeding can result in unique abilities, adding a layer of excitement to the game.

If players want to breed pals in Palworld, they must unlock the Mixed Farm.

However, by following these points, players will understand the process of unlocking the Mixed Farm in Palworld.

  1. First, players must unlock Mixed Farm on Level 19 at the Technology Menu.
  2. To get to the Technology Menu, open the inventory and tab over to the ‘Technology Menu’ to the right.
  3. Now, spend 2 Technology Points in the Technology tab to unlock the Mixed Farm.
  4. However, to construct the Mixed Farm, gather 100 Wood, 50 Fiber and 20 Stones.

Moreover, players require a cake, male and female pals, and an egg Incubator to breed the pals once they unlock the mixed farm.

Place a Male and Female Pal in the Mixed Farm
Place a Male and Female Pal in the Mixed Farm to Breed.

In Palworld, there are some Pals that players can breed, breeding-specific Pal combos will create unique Pals called ‘Fusion Pals’.

However, these Fusion Pals are extra-powerful, these extraordinary beings combine the strengths of their parentage, showcasing both power and beauty.

Mixed Farm Best Breed And Fusion Combo List

Fusion Pals are player-bred combinations of one named Pal and another of a specific type.

Moreover, the Fusion pals can only be collected via the Mixed Farm.

Here are some of the latest Palworld breeding combos, Pal Fusions.

  • Jormuntide x Blazehowl = Jormuntide Ignist
  • Relaxarus x Sparkit = Relaxarus Lux
  • Blazehowl x Dark Pal = Blazehowl Noct
  • Incineram x Dark Pal= Incineram Noct
  • Kelpsea x Dark Pal= Kelpsea Ignis
  • Dinossum x Electric Pal = Dinossom Lux

How To Breed In Palworld Mixed Farm?

Players need to take the two breeding pals inside the Mixing Farm and stock the mixed farm with the cake that they have produced.

breeding pals in palworld
Collect the eggs and place them in an Egg Incubator to hatch them.

Upon the breeding process, players need to wait for fifteen to twenty minutes it takes some time.

Once that happens, players will see a sparkle in front of the Mixed Farm, and interact with it to find the egg.

Hence, the Pal will lay an egg if breeding is successful and deposit the collected egg in an Incubator.

The Bottom Line

Breeding Pals in Mixed Farm will encourage players to build teams of Pals with different abilities and strengths

However, Mixed Farm only unlocks at level 19 and requires numerous resources to build.

Rare Pals can also be crossbred to produce special and stronger variants called Fusion Pals.

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