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Discover The Romance Route With Cassia In Rogue Trader

Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader is a game built upon trust that allows players to romance recruits like Cassia Orsellio.

She is one of the four characters that players can choose to romance alongside Heinrix, Jae, Yrliet, and Marazhai.

To romance Cassia in Rogue Trader, players must recruit her in Chapter 1 and choose options that ensure her well-being throughout the game. Hence, players must choose the correct options to lead a path of romance with her.

Continue reading this article to learn how to romance Cassia Orsellio in Rogue Trader.

Romance In Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Players are free to choose a path of romance with few characters in the game.

There are 5 characters that players can currently choose for romance in the game.

 romance path with cassia in rogue trader
Starting a romance path with Cassia in Rogue Trader.

However, players must note that romance in Rogue Trader is a very slow process.

This is because the game revolves around the political beliefs of each character, meaning that you must win their trust.

Therefore, players need to agree with their ideas and opinions to be on their good side.

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How To Romance Cassia Orsellio In Rogue Trader?

Romance options with Cassia Orsellio begin as soon as players meet her in chapter one.

Specifically, players must recruit her into the party during the Secrets of the Navis Nobilite mission.

In doing so, players will have an option to chat with her outside the south of the ship’s deck.

Players must start with the “Tell me about yourself” option when they first chat with her.

Then, they must continue to ask her personal questions whenever the option is available.

Soon after, Cassia tells about her third eye, which she sees as a burden.

choosing correct option to romance cassia
Choosing the correct option to strengthen the romance path with Cassia Orsellio.

However, players must assure her by choosing the right options to make her comfortable around them.

Finally, they must choose the “I would not date to make fun of a lady’s feelings…” option to successfully romance Cassia.

Can You Romance Other Characters Besides Cassia?

Yes, players are free to romance other characters besides Cassia Orsellio in Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader.

In fact, players can even romance multiple characters at once if the right conditions are met.

However, this might lead to conflicting beliefs between two companions, leading to a different path.

Therefore, players must be very careful with their dialogue choices to get the optimal result.

Additionally, it also limits the core ideas of each character and leans more towards the romance route.

Also, each characters have a sex preference for romance, meaning that players must pick the correct ones.

Hence, Jae and Marazhai are the safest options as they have romance preferences for both sexes.

The Bottom Line

Romance in a dark game like Rogue Trader adds an element of calmness to the political chaos.

Hence, players are free to romance some characters and receive emotional support from them.

In doing so, players will occasionally unlock dialogue options that seek personal answers.

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