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Starfield Watchdog Ship: Why It Is Inaccessible?

The Watchdog is a ship in the video game Starfield that is inaccessible to players.

The Watchdog has various weapons and sensors, making it a formidable opponent.

In Starfield, Watchdog  Ship is inaccessible due to various reasons. The ship is difficult to steal for players at the moment.

This article will discuss what the Watchdog ship is, why the Watchdog ship is inaccessible in Starfield, and how to access it.

What Is Watchdog Ship In Starfield?

The Watchdog is a ship that appears in the video game Starfield.

It is a small, quick ship that excels at battle and exploration.

watchdog ship starfield
The watchdog ship is a highly demanded ship in Starfield.

The Watchdog is a deadly foe because of its assortment of weaponry and sensors.

The stealthy and potent Watchdog ship can infiltrate, hack, or attack any target in the galaxy.

Modern weapons, shielding, engines, and technologies on the Watchdog spacecraft render it untraceable and unstoppable.

Also, the Watchdog ship has a unique ability known as Watchdog mode that gives it access to and control any network.

This function allows the ship to hack into hostile ships, stations, or satellites and destroy or deactivate them.

Some of the Watchdog ship’s salient characteristics are as follows:

  • Fast and Small: The Watchdog is a small spacecraft that is quick and easy to maneuver in confined situations. It is also quick, making it an excellent option for travel and exploration.
  • Well-Armed: A range of armaments, including lasers, missiles, and cannons, are available to the Watchdog. This makes it a powerful foe in battle.
  • Equipped with sensors: The Watchdog has various sensors, including radar, scanner, and cloaking technology. Hence, this enables the spacecraft to shroud itself to hide from detection and view and avoid attackers.

Why Is Watchdog Ship In Starfield Inaccessible?

For several reasons, the Watchdog ship is inaccessible in Starfield:

It is a bonus ship for pre-orders: This indicates that the feature was exclusively accessible to gamers who placed a pre-order for the title. It cannot be bought inside the game.

It’s a unique ship: A finite number of Watchdog ships are in the game universe. Due to this, they are hard to come by and cost more than other ships.

It is a superior ship: Payers must reach a particular level before buying or taking a Watchdog ship for themselves. This is due to the ship’s strength, and beginner players may find it challenging to control.

The following issues could arise if you try to steal a Watchdog ship:

  • It is locked at the hatch. This can occur if the faction that owns the ship is hostile to you. You must remove the ship’s crew before breaking down the hatch to obtain entrance.
  • You are attempting to steal a ship from a spot where it is not present. Only particular places can be used to access certain ships. There’s a chance you’ll have to leave your planet or system to find a Watchdog ship.

However, if you still have trouble accessing the Watchdog ship, try contacting Bethesda support for help.

How To Steal A Ship In Starfield?

In Starfield, there are two ways to hijack a ship.

One is to locate a ship docked on a planet and use a Digipick to open the hatch.

If you want to reach higher levels of hacking, you should rank up your security expertise.

The alternative involves employing electromagnetic (EM) weapons to turn off a ship in a space battle before boarding it.

You’ll need to engage the crew in combat before taking control of the cockpit. But to sail some ships, you need a certain level of piloting.

After you’ve stolen a ship, you must pay a spaceport to register it.

You can then sell or customize the ship, thanks to this. The ship can be kept in your fleet and retrieved from any port.

You must speak with a Ship Services Technician and choose the “Let me see what ships you have for sale” option to sell a ship.

Then, navigate to the ‘Sell’ option to find your stolen ship. You can check how many credits you may earn by selling it.

The Bottom Line

Watchdog ship is a rare ship, so it may be challenging to find one.

Additionally, the Watchdog ship is a high-level ship, so players must reach a certain level before purchasing or stealing it.

If you are trying to steal a Watchdog ship, you may encounter the problems described in the article.

However, you can get your hands on this mighty ship if you are persistent and resourceful.

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