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Boost Pack Not Working In Starfield: Causes And Fixes

Boost Pack is not working in Starfield due to the misallocation of a skill tree or a perk missing in the pack itself.

Thus, players must emphasize the basics before using a boost pack in Starfield.

Boost Pack in Starfield is a means to ease the traversal period for players. However, if players misallocate a perk in the skill tree or misread a perk, they cannot use a boost pack. Thus, players must pay great attention to the basics of the game before looking at the advanced mechanics.

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What Is Boost Pack In Starfield?

Boost packs are an item in Starfield that allows players to glide through the air and zip around to traverse much faster and easily.

Furthermore, the main use of boost packs is to cover more ground easily while exploring the world of Starfield.

Players can obtain a boost pack while going through Starfield’s main story quest.

Furthermore, they will find various boost packs while exploring the world of Starfield.

The best method of obtaining one while exploring is to loot space pirates and other baddies.

Thus, players can gain some great loot while defeating the bad guys in the game.

Furthermore, they can check their boost packs by opening their inventory.

Within the Packs submenu, players will find their boost packs.

However, a quick disclaimer is that every pack that you find will not be eligible for a boost pack.

Thus, when players obtain a pack, make sure to check if it has the ability “Basic Boost pack.”

If the pack has the ability, players can use it as a boost pack.

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Why Is Boost Pack Not Working In Starfield?

There are a few reasons for a boost pack to not work in Starfield.

Here are some reasons for the boost pack not working in Starfield:

1. Boost Pack Training

The main reason for a boost pack not working is that players have not allocated the Boost pack training perk.

This perk contains a total of four tiers, however, players can allocate only one tier, and they are ready to go.

Thus, make sure to allocate a level in Boost pack training before trying to use one.

boost pack not working because of training starfield
Have boost pack training allocated to have the boost pack working in Starfield.

2. Basic Boost Pack

The Basic boost pack perk needs to have to be a boost pack.

If players use a pack that does not have this perk, then they will find that the boost pack is not working.

Therefore, make sure to check your packs before equipping them.

Pack must have boostpack perk Starfield
A pack must have the basic boost pack perk to become a boost pack

3. Potential Bug

The final reason for the boost pack not working is that it is a potential bug.

As many know, it has not been out for too long, thus, there are chances that certain functions in the game are facing a wide array of bugs.

Furthermore, players can encounter such bugs at any point in the game.

Thus, if your boost pack suddenly stops working, make sure to restart the entire game.

Make sure to visit their Reddit page or various forums to find a more in-depth answer if the above points do not match your condition.

How To Fix Boost Pack Not Working In Starfield?

After understanding why the boost pack is not working in Starfield, let us look into a few ways to fix it in the game.

Here is a list of solutions to fix the boost pack not working in Starfield:

1. Allocate Boost Pack Training

To allocate boost pack training, you need to follow a few steps.

The first thing you must do is head to the tech skill tree where you will find the boost pack training skill.

Allocate the skill, and you will be able to gain access to the boost packs.

2. Find A Pack With The Basic Boost Pack Perk

If you have the boost pack training allocated and yet cannot use a boost pack, then look into your pack first.

Follow the steps we mentioned before to look into your packs.

After you find the pack you want to equip, check whether the pack has the “Basic Boostpack” perk.

If it does not, it is not worth carrying around, and if it does, then you should be able to use it as a Boost pack.

3. Report It As A Bug

Lastly, the chances are you are facing a bug. Thus, report it to the dev team to get it solved as soon as possible.

Once the dev team gets the information about the bug, they will look into it and push out a hotfix for the potential game-breaking bug.

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The Bottom Line

There are times when players may not understand certain mechanics of a game, and that will end up causing issues with other mechanics.

In the case of boost packs not working in Starfield, it is solely because players may have overlooked a few components of the game or have come across a game-breaking bug.

Hopefully, this article can provide you with sufficient information on why the boost pack is not working in Starfield.

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