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Where Is The Accountants Office In Payday 3?

In Payday 3’s “Rock the Cradle” mission, players encounter a mysterious NPC known as the accountant and her office.

The accountant manages financial records in the nightclub where the mission takes place.

To find the accountant’s office in Payday 3, access the nightclub’s second floor through a fake VIP invitation or speaker sabotage and locate the unlocked office for mission clues.

This article will discuss the accountant and the accountant’s office in Payday 3.

Who Is The Accountant In Payday 3?

In the Payday 3 heist mission “Rock the Cradle,” players encounter a non-player character.

Moreover, the NPC is the accountant for the nightclub where the mission occurs.

The accountant is known as Cassandra Rifkin in-game.

She manages all financial records and paperwork related to the club’s business operations.

As an accountant, you can find her in different areas of the nightclub, attending to various accounting tasks.

In addition, her role is important to cover some events in the missions.

Players must track her movements to access secure areas containing valuable loot.

While just an NPC, the accountant plays a supporting role in helping or hindering the crew’s criminal plans.

Where Can You Find The Accountant?

There are several locations where players may discover the accountant wandering around:

1. Black Knight Poker Table Room

This back room is usually where the accountant begins the mission.

It is where she handles cash flows and records for the high-stakes poker games held here.

2. Main Dance Floor And Nightclub Bar

Patrolling the crowded dance area near civilians, she looks for any suspicious activity.

Behind the long counter, the accountant retrieves or drops off paperwork for drink sales and expenses.

3. Second Floor Offices

Small individual offices along the walkway above the dance floor provide private spaces for her accounting work.

Also, she may be found wandering around in the second-floor offices.

4. Accountants Office

Her primary workstation is located through a staff door near the DJ booth, containing a desk piled with documents.

You may occasionally spot her in the bathroom or storage rooms on rare occasions.

Players must carefully observe her constantly shifting routes throughout the level.

How To Solve The Rock The Cradle Mission?

The main objective is to steal a valuable crypto wallet stored in the nightclub.

office payday 3
The main objective is to steal a valuable crypto wallet stored in the nightclub.

Here are the key steps to solve the mission:

1. Gain Access To The VIP Area

This restricted section houses various objectives.

Players can fabricate a fake VIP invitation using the blue keycard around the club.

They may also sabotage speakers near the DJ to lower security and sneak past bouncers.

2. Locate The Accounting Office

You will find this room upstairs through a staff door.

This room contains clues like a red keycard and safe combination code helpful for later stages.

3. Access The Secure IT Room

With the keycard or by cutting power, players can bypass the biometric scanner locking the IT room door.

This will open a getaway to the crypto wallet to secure the loot.

4. Obtain The Crypto Wallet And Deliver

Inside, you must open the wallet storage.

You can accomplish this by luring the accountant to the room or using the code from her safe to unlock it.

Extraction requires safely transporting the wallet across the upstairs walkway to a loot drop point near a vault in the VIP area.

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Where Is The Accountant Office In Payday 3?

The Payday 3 accountant’s office in Payday 3 is on the Nightclub‘s second floor.

To access this area, players must first enter the restricted VIP section.

They can access it through the invitation or speaker sabotage methods detailed earlier.

Once past security, take the metal staircase immediately upon entering the VIP zone.

This leads up to an open-air balcony overlooking the pulsating dance floor below.

accountants office payday 3
The accountant’s main office is on the nightclub’s second floor.

Down a short hallway, the accounting office will be found at the far end on the right-hand side usually left unlocked.

Inside the room, the accountant has set up a small workspace.

The workspace is a wooden desk piled high with paperwork, file folders, and financial ledgers.

Her office chair sits before a standard desktop computer, likely used for data entry of sales records and bookkeeping tasks.

To the left of the desk against the wall is a wall-mounted safe, its digital keypad glowing a soft blue in the dim lighting.

Important clues within this safe will become invaluable assets later in navigating the remaining mission obstacles.

workspace office accountants
Her office chair sits before a standard desktop computer, likely used for data entry of sales records.

What Can You Find In The Accountant Office In Payday 3?

A few pivotal items are discoverable upon thoroughly searching the accountant’s private workstation:

1. Red Keycard

When found in the wall safe, this magnetic strip access card grants entry to the locked IT server room down the hall.

This area is vital to complete the mission.

2. Safe Combination

Scrawled on a small notepad left on the desk is a 4-digit code.

It can unlock additional areas if players can solve the clues.

3. Desktop Computer And Financial Records

Hacking this provides no immediate benefits but prompts tracking the accountant’s phone to manipulate later.

In addition, ledgers, invoices, receipts and other club operations paperwork are scattered.

The Bottom Line

The Payday 3 accountants office is on the bar’s second floor.

Additionally, finding Rifkin’s office is vital in completing the Rock The Cradle mission and grabbing the loot.

Although there are various ways to approach the mission, players at the end of the mission will gain exclusive rewards following any path.

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