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Payday 3 Linking Token Not Found: Causes And Fixes

Payday 3 is a shooter and heist game that is cross-platform.

The game is available on PlayStation, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC.

However, players are experiencing issues linking their accounts.

The Linking Token not found error in Payday 3 is preventing players from logging in to the game using different platforms. To be able to fix the issue, players have to link their accounts through the Nebula website manually.

This article explores the details of linking issues and how to fix the issue.

What Is Linking In Payday 3?

Payday 2 is a heist game available in multiple different platforms.

The game is available on platforms such as Play Station 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC through Steam.

In addition, the game also supports cross-platform play.

Matchmaking is one of the primary functions of the game.

So cross-platform matchmaking allows players playing through different platforms to play the same game.

Linking in Payday 3 is a mechanism to use the same account to play across different platforms.

Linking Token In Payday 3

A Linking Token is generated once you create a Nebula account.

The Nebula account can link to any of the other platforms for this Starbreeze game.

However, you have to pay to play on the platforms first.

On PC, the standard edition costs $29.99 USD, silver edition $49.99 USD, and gold edition $59.99 USD.

On Xbox, the silver edition costs $69.99 USD, and the gold edition costs $89.99 USD.

Therefore, you can create your Nebula account if you pay for the Xbox edition. Then, link that account to your Xbox.

However, players have been experiencing some issues with the linking token.

Reddit Linking Token Issue Payday 3
A player took to Reddit to express the Linking Token issue

So let’s debug the issue in detail.

Continue reading to find the causes and fixes of Payday 3 matchmaking broken issues.

Causes Of Linking Token Not Found Issue

Payday 3 has already been the subject of scrutiny among fans.

The numerous amount of issues players have encountered have frustrated them.

Issues with matchmaking, login, servers and connection are just a few of them.

On top of that, the linking token issue is bothering many players.

Reddit Linking token issue Payday3
A player experiencing the linking token issue of Payday 3

The Linking token usse prevents players from logging into the game.

Payday 3 Linking Token Not Found: Easy Fixes

There are some steps you can take to prevent the linking token issue.

Here are some minor steps to fix the Linking Token issue of Payday 3:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Check if you’re internet connection is up and running and stable.

You could also restart your router just in case to fix the issue.

2. Reboot The Game

Restarting or refreshing the game has become a solution for many players.

Sometimes the amount of players trying to access the game is too huge.

So restarting the game might help.

3. Check If The Game’s Servers Are Up

Due to the large amount of players accessing the game, the server may be down.

Check Payday 3’s official Twitter account to gain information about their servers.

Their official Twitter account explains any issues they are working on.

Here is a step-by-step process to link your account to any platform.

  1. Go to the Nebula website and either login or create an account.
Successfully Linked Account
You’ll be able to see the successfully linked account on the Nebula website
  1. You could also create an account from the game.
Payday 3 Create Account
You can create a Starbreeze account through the game
  1. Then, click on Link Steam account to link your PC.
Click Link Steam
To link your PC, click on link Steam
  1. After that, click Continue, redirecting you to the Steam account browser.
Payday 3 Link Steam Account
Click on Continue to move forward
  1. Then, either sign in or create a Steam account.
Create Steam Account
Either create or sign in to a Steam Account
  1. After that, click on Sign in on your account tab.
Sign In to Link and fix linking account not found payday 3
Click on Sign In to link your Steam account
  1. Then, if you get the pop-up again, click on Link Accounts Later.
Link Accounts Later to fix linking token not found payday 3
Click on Link Accounts Later if this pop-up shows again
  1. Finally, you will be able to see your linked Steam account.
Successfully Linked Account Token Payday 3
You’ll be able to see the successfully linked account on the Nebula website

You can fix the Linking Token Issue in Payday by following the above steps.

Having to use the Nebula website is not a permanent fix.

However, the team of Payday is working on the issue and might provide a patch.

In fact, Payday 3’s first update will be live on October 5, 2023.

The Bottom Line

The Linking Token issue of Payday 3 prevents players from logging in to the game.

You could check your internet and the game’s server to avoid this issue.

However, linking accounts through the Nebula website might be a better solution.

Furthermore, the game’s development team is working on fixing issues.

So, keep your eyes peeled for an update or a patch regarding the issues.

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