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All The Tutorial For Door Code In Payday 3

In Payday 3, many players search for a tutorial to find a code to unlock the door.

In many missions, there are specific hints to access restricted areas; however, in some cases, players must know the technique to progress.

The tutorial for the door code in Payday 3 can be using the UV light, scanning the surroundings and searching for secret areas.

Continue reading to know the tutorials about the locked door and possible codes for opening it in Payday 3.

Payday 3 Tutorial

Like many other games, Payday offers players tutorials to learn the game mechanics and techniques to play the game.

Players can also know the best settings, including camera angles, UI, and controller settings.

However, the mission suggests entering a code, but there is no sign of the code anywhere, so players find a way to unlock the door. 

Thankfully, the players can see the game progression in the objective tracker.

payday 3 tutorial door code
Read the objective tracker in the mission.

The tutorial can guide players to complete sub-objects as well.

However, there are not enough tutorials sometimes, so players must learn the techniques to progress through the missions.

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Code Tutorials To Unlock Doors In Payday 3

If players are willing to find a gateway to unlock the vault door in the tutorial of Payday 3, follow the procedures,

1. Scan The Area

The codes or ways to unlock the vault doors or restricted areas can be found in the secret areas.

In the game’s early stages, players will get to know the objective and sub-objectives of the mission, along with hints.

However, when progressing through higher levels and more challenging missions, the tutorials keep on decreasing.

Make sure to access all the doors using the lockpicks, search for possible vents, and be careful of the surroundings.

Also, don’t forget to search for the most accessible hints, including the photos, the Wi-Fi codes, or any piece of paper.

2. Keycards And Hacks

In some cases, players need to search for the keycard and hack the phones of various NPCs.

The keycard often provides an excellent use for the restricted zones.

Also, hacking phones and laptops can grant access to cards or codes.

payday 3 tutorial door code
Scan the QR codes nearby to get clues.

3. Follow The Arrow Icon

The hints and tutorials in any mission can be seen in the gameplay.

Players must follow the other arrow icon, leading to further progression in the mission.

Lastly, make sure to complete all the events to gather the codes for restricted doors.

4. Use UV light For Door Code

The UV light is a great tool that activates where players are close to the keypad.

Upon the interaction, players will see a list of finger-printed numbers.

In addition, players can try their luck to input the combination of numbers in the keypad.

If players have gathered any hints from the areas, try adjusting the number with the finger-printed numbers on the keypad.

5. Community And Friends

If players still have no clue about the code to unlock the door, try to browse gaming communities.

Some forums, including Reddit and Steam, will always have a solution to players’ problems.

Otherwise, players can get an idea from an in-game friend to progress through.

However, the numbers can differ from player to player, so searching for the code in your game is the best solution.

The Bottom Line

Payday 3 doesn’t offer enough tutorials on the various challenging missions.

So, players must acknowledge the mission and search for possible hints to complete the objects and sub-objectives. 

If players are having trouble with the codes, the best option is to use UV light to know patterns and search for all the secret areas to get a clue.

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