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Payday 3 Broken: Causes And Fixes

Payday 3 is the new installment of the first-person shooter and heist game.

Eventhough the game is only released on early access, it has been getting many complaints.

Many players are frustrated with the numerous bugs the game faces.

Payday 3 is a shooter and heist game, but it has been making headlines because it is broken. Players encounter many issues including matchmaking and connection issues. However, the team of Payday is currently working on the issues.

Here we will discuss the bugs and learn if Payday is actually broken.

Is Payday 3 Broken?

Payday 3 is a first-person shooter and heist game.

The game is available on PlayStation, PC and Xbox.

Although the game and its release were anticipated, the issues that came along have disappointed players.

Some players face minor issues, while some deal with major ones.

Payday 3 broken
Players are not able to enter a heist of the quest.

However, the developers have accepted that the game can have some issues.

Some of the minor issues that you may encounter are:

  1. A connection error occurs when the game is idle for over 15 minutes.
  2. Access denied or access granted error during unrelated timings.
  3. On PlayStation 5, story videos are missing audio.
  4. On PC, you may encounter a title crash.
  5. On Xbox, you may encounter a bug related to user input.
  6. Challenges are shown twice on the result screen.

Therefore, Payday 3 is experiencing more bugs on different platforms.

The development team is fully aware and is working on fixing the issues.

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Causes Of Payday 3 Issues

Most of the issues faced by Payday players are PlayStation players.

The main issue that PlayStation players are facing is that matchmaking is not working.

Likewise, players claim that the game’s controller version is outdated.

Reddit payday broken
A Reddit user expresses their frustration about the bugs of Payday 3.

Matchmaking is one of the primary features of the game. Furthermore, without matchmaking, players cannot continue their gameplay.

This is because Payday 3 doesn’t offer an offline storyline. So, let’s dive deeper into why matchmaking is not working.

1. Matchmaking Not Working

Matchmaking helps players to team up with other players to be able to complete a heist.

However, many players have reported waiting for a long time during matchmaking.

Additionally, the game doesn’t allow a single-player heist mode to avoid the matchmaking issue.

Players with PS5 seem to facing more of the matchmaking issue.

Matchmaking Payday 3
Payday 3 has been experiencing issues with matchmaking especially the PlayStation players.

In addition, matchmaking is a cross-platform feature of the game.

This means that players playing across different platforms have the ability to match.

However, only players playing with their friends or Twitch streamers tend to get a full lobby.

Even if a player gets one match, the other player leaves the match in frustration.

This is leading to players not being able to play at all.

2. Login Errors

Aside from matchmaking errors, players have been facing login errors too.

In addition, the game’s servers are finding it hard to authenticate the users.

Another connection error issue players are facing is just the cherry on top.

The connection error issue pops up when players sit idle for more than 15 minutes.

So, matchmaking errors force a player to sit idle for many minutes.

While a connection error forces a player to restart the game.

So, these errors are leading to players becoming more and more frustrated.

Fixes Of Payday 3 Issues

Although these errors are from the game’s development, you could do a few things.

Here are some measures you could take to fix these issues:

  1. Check your internet connection to ensure that you have a stable connection.
  2. The game’s server issues can prevent you from logging in so make sure the game’s server is also up and running.
  3. Payday 3 Twitter account has the latest news about bugs and server information.
  4. You could also refresh or reboot the game and try again to check.
twitter status
Payday 3 Twitter account has details about the servers and issues.

Although these measures might help, issues like login and matchmaking errors may not be fixable by the player.

The Payday 3 team is currently working on these issues and has addressed them.

Hence waiting patiently might be the only solution for now.

However, the team is working overtime and might solve the issue soon.

team working on issues
The Payday 3 team is working on the issues.

The Bottom Line

Payday 3 is the new installment of the shooter and heist game.

The game has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

In addition, players’ frustration has been growing due to the copious amount of bugs.

However, the team of Payday is working on the issues and promised to solve them as soon as possible.

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