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Payday 3 Under The Surphaze: What Does It Involve?

In Payday 3, Under the Surphaze offers you a chance to make a fortune by stealing some paintings.

However, you need to be careful as one of the paintings is protected by a firewall.

In Payday 3, Under the Surphaze is the fifth heist that involves stealing valuable paintings. Further, you need to find a safe location as it contains the Flash drive.

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What Is Under The Surphaze In Payday 3?

Under the Surphaze is the fifth heist in Payday 3, one of the most challenging and rewarding ones

In this heist, the Payday Gang infiltrates a modern art museum in Brooklyn to steal some valuable paintings.

However, players can perform it in stealth or loud. The performance may have several objectives.

However, the objectives may vary depending on the difficulty and approach.

use the flashdrive
Use the flash drive to steal the painting.

Objectives may include finding the manager’s office safe and hacking the security system.

Further, it may involve locating and stealing specific paintings and escaping with the loot.

Moreover, Under The Surphaze features new elements like cryptocurrency, mass surveillance, and the dark web.

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Ways To Perform Under The Surphaze 

There are specific ways to perform Under The Surphaze heist in the Payday.

One of the ways to perform this heist is:

1. Enter The Museum

You can use the front door, the roof, or the sewers to enter the museum.

However, each entry point has advantages and disadvantages, such as visibility, distance, and access.

2. Disable The Security Bars

Further, you must turn off the security bars and interact with a black screen on each floor.

Then, play a mini-game where you have to match the colors of the circles on the ground with the ones on the screen.

However, you must do this quickly and quietly, as guards and cameras can spot you.

beware of the guard
Beware of the guard.

3. Find And Steal The Paintings

Next, find and steal the paintings; locate the exhibits that contain them.

You must steal three paintings: Greg Jud’s in E1, Pedro Vicario’s in E2 and E3 and Uma Ladette’s in E4.

Contrarily, each painting has its challenges, such as lasers, alarms, and firewalls.

Uma Ladette’s painting is in E4.

4. Escape With The Loot

Finally, get to the van parked outside the museum and escape with the loot.

However, you can use the same way you entered or find another exit.

Importantly, be careful not to alert any guards or civilians on your way out.

Why To Find The Safe Location In Under The Surphaze

The safe location in the Under the Surphaze heist contains a flash drive.

A Flash Drive is essential,  as it helps remove the Uma painting safely.

If you try to take it without the flash drive, the Uma painting will cause it to burst into flames.

Further, the flash drive has a code to turn off the firewall.

Also, it allows you to steal the Uma painting without triggering the alarm or destroying it.

steal the paintings
Steal the paintings

Ways To Find A Safe Location

Finding a safe location is essential for completing the heist successfully and earning more money.

Follow the steps below to find a safe location:

Find The Wooden Panel

Initially, you must find the wooden panel in the manager’s office.

Finally, you’ll find the safe behind the wooden panel.

Further, you’ll see the flash drive needed; use it safely to remove the Uma painting.

Access The Manager’s Office

While finding the wooden panel, you need to access the manager’s office.

For that, visit the museum’s second level, where you’ll find the entrances to the different art galleries.

Further, find the wall between E4 and E5. There are two hallways connected to the back.

Finally, you can find the manager’s office.

Find the manager's office
Find the manager’s office.

Crack The Safe

Once you find the manager’s office, crack the safe.

Therefore, you need to interact with safe and play a mini-game.

There, you have to match the colors of the circles on the ground with the ones on the screen.

However, you must do this quickly and quietly, not letting guards and cameras spot you.

The Bottom Line

In Under the Surphaze heist, players must steal valuable paintings from a modern art museum in Brooklyn.

The heist can be done in stealth or loud and has a hidden safe that contains a flash drive needed to remove the Uma painting safely.

However, the players must find and crack a safe in Under the manager’s office in Under the Surphaze.

Contrarily, the heist challenges the players to infiltrate a museum and steal some paintings.

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