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Long Queue Times In Payday 3: How To Fix It?

Payday 3 is the most anticipated game first-person game that released early access on September 18, 2023.

However, players are experiencing a long queue issue for matchmaking, even when they solo queue the match.

Payday 3, a recently released game, has brought some frustrating issues among the players. The game has faced several server issues since it was released. Furthermore, players are still facing the long Queue Time for matchmaking.

Please continue reading to learn why players face long Queue Times in Payday 3  and its solution.

What Is Matchmaking In Payday 3?

In Payday 3, players must participate in the heist by matchmaking because this game only offers online play.

With no offline co-op plays, the only option for players is to wait in queues.

Furthermore, the game places you in the matchmaking and pairs you with other players in a  game lobby.

You can select Favors, switch loadouts and do many more things to complete your heist.

However, players have recently reported facing very Long Queue Times to find a match.


Long Queue Times payday 3
Players have a Long queue time in the Matchmaking screen.

In addition, along with the Long Queue Times, a separate bug is causing connection problems.

This happens if you go afk for 15 minutes, which can be fixed by returning to the main menu.

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Why Is Matchmaking Taking Long Queue Times In Payday 3?

Since the game’s release, players have continuously faced Long Queue Times.

Furthermore, players face this in all the platforms the game currently uses.

The severe issues or having many players might be causing players to encounter Long Queue Times.

Here are some of the causes of Long Queue Times:

1. Due To The Large Pool Of Players

Payday 3 continues Payday 1 and 2, which are popular games.

Due to this, many players are playing this game.

Moreover, Currently, over 75000+ players have joined the game and are queuing at the same time.

This led the server to stress out and caused long Queue Times to match the players into the game.

2. Server Issue

The Starbreeze developer recently stated the server-side error caused it.

The server was launched just recently and cannot handle many people.

Therefore, it is still possible to log into the game. However, players will face slow matchmaking time.

Fixes For Long Queue Times In Payday 3

You can try some of the fixes if you face the issues mentioned earlier,

Here is a list of fixes for Long Queue Times in Payday 3:

1. Restart The Game

Players can face this problem when they have server issues on Starbeeze.

You can try to restart your game or the launchers like Epic Games or Steam.

This is probably not the best solution. However, you can try it because it can make your game smooth.

2. Check Network Connection

This issue can also be related to your side.

Suppose it is on your side and your network connection can cause this.

Furthermore, you can check by relaunching the game.

You can get different authentication errors while logging in to the game.

To solve this, you can try to check the NAT Type in Xbox and PlayStation and set it to open. For the PC, restart the Internet Router.

3. Wait For The Official Fix

As the Fixes mentioned earlier, they are the general fixes.

However, the official fix has not been released as the developers are investigating and working on the solution.

Long Queue Times Issue payday 3
You can check the official page of the game to get updated news on the issue.

To know the updated patch, players can check the official website or the  Payday support page that displays the issues related to the server.

Therefore, players had to have patience and wait for the future patch for the fix.

Community Reaction To This Issue

The Payday community is frustrated and has reacted negatively to the game due to the issues.

Additionally, some players blamed the game for not having the offline mode, which has caused the max out of the server.

player reaction showing frustration
Certain players showing frustration about the Long Queue Times for Matchmaking.

However, some players also understand that the game is in the early stages.

Likewise, the developers are fixing the problem as quickly as possible.

The Bottom Line

Matchmaking in Payday 3 involves partying different players into a heist.

However, many players face the Long Queue Times to get into the game.

Therefore, at the early stage of the game, these types of problems are common.

Players must be patient until the developer fixes these issues and creates new patches.

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