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Why Is Peely Missing In Fortnite?

The most beloved character of Fortnite, Peely, is missing in Chapter 5 as seen in the promo posts and trailer.

The origin of Peely can date back to the first Chapter, Chapter 1 of Fortnite.

Ever since then, players have interacted with Peely in multiple instances.

Peely is a banana character with human arms and legs in Fortnite. The trailer and promotion posts of Fortnite Chapter 5 suggest that Peely is missing and a mission to save the beloved character is up for Season 1.

Here, we will discuss in detail about Peely in Fortnite and why he is missing.

Introduction To Peely In Fortnite

Peely is a character and an outfit that can be chosen by the players in Fortnite.

In addition, Peely is a banana character with arms, legs, eyes, and a mouth.

Peely is assumed to be a non-binary character and is a favorite among players.

One of the reasons why Peely is a fan-favorite is because players of any age and gender can use him as their character.

Peely Fortnite Missing
Peely is a banana with human arms and legs and a popular character in Fortnite.

Furthermore, the character’s nature is quiet and has minimal intelligence up his belt.

Also, he doesn’t think twice about putting himself in danger and taking the players’ side.

The history of Peely displays that he was first present as a character in Chapter 3, Season 2 of Fortnite.

In addition, Peely was at The Daily Bugle in Chapter 3 when he was first added to the game.

Since then, he has had a huge character development and has become more and more popular among players.

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All Peely Skins In Fortnite

Apart from being a character, Peely is also an outfit in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

There are some variations of Peely outfits or skins for players to choose from.

Here is a list of all the Peely skins that are available to the players.

  1. Peely: The original Peely outfit was first seen in Chapter 1, Season 8, and is no longer available.
  2. P-1000: P-1000 is a smoothie version of the Peely character that players can use as a skin.
  3. Peely Bone: Peely Bone is a character that is half-banana and half-skeleton inspired by Halloween.
  4. Agent Peely: Agent Peely is a type of Peely skin with a James Bond look.
  5. Unpeely: Unpeely as the name suggests, is a type of peeled banana skin in the game.
  6. Potassius Peely: Potassius Peely needs no introduction as his other name, Peelius Caesar, says it all.
  7. P33LY: P33LY is a techy type of Peely with robotic arms and yellow LED eyes.
  8. Polar Peely: Polar Peely is a frozen Peely present for free in the Winterfest 2021 event.
  9. Toon Peely: Toon Peely is a black-and-white cartoon-inspired Peely.
  10. KAWSPEELY: KAWSPEELY is a Peely as a result of the collaboration between Epic Game and designer KAWS.

These are the 10 different versions of Peely displayed in different seasons of Fortnite.

Many of them are available to purchase and gain while some limited edition Peely are unavailable.

Who Kidnapped Peely?

The big question in Fortnite is not about Peely’s Skins or the character but about who kidnapped Peely.

In addition, Chapter 5, Season 1 of Fortnite was released on December 3, 2023.

Ever since the promotion of the new chapter the #savepeely hashtag has been present in Fortnite accounts.

save peely
The new chapter promotions of Fortnite contains the hashtag save Peely.

Furthermore, a Peely missing poster is also present at the end of the Big Bang event in Chapter 4.

Additionally, more promos about the missing banana are available on Fortnite’s social media platforms.

Peely missing
Peely is missing in Chapter 5 of Fortnite.

In the trailer, we can see that John C. is ready to save Peely in Chapter 5.

After all this, we have got enough clue that Peely is missing and we should save him.

However, the answer to the question, who kidnapped Peely is nowhere to be found as of now.

We will just have to play along and let the events of the game unfold to know more about Peely.

The Bottom Line

Peely is a beloved and popular character in the Fortnite game series.

Chapter 5 and its trailer posts have been cluing to a missing Peely.

One of the main missions of Chapter 5, Season 1 is to save Peely from any evil.

So, get Fortnite Chapter 5 today to save your beloved character, Peely from any danger.

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