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Persona 3 Reload Floor 28 Bosses: Guide To Defeat Them

Persona 3 Reload is a remake of the classic JRPG Persona 3, with enhanced graphics, gameplay, and story.

You are a high school student summoning powerful beings called Personas to fight against shadows appearing during the Dark Hour.

One of the main locations in the game is Tartarus, a tower that also appears during the Dark Hour.

You and your friends must explore its randomly generated floors and battle various enemies.

Continue reading to learn how to reach Floor 28 of Tartarus in Persona 3 Reload.

Find Will O’Wisp Raven

The Will O’Wisp Raven is a boss in Persona 3 Reload.

It is the first gatekeeper you encounter in the Arqa block of Tartarus.

Thus, to find the Will O’Wisp Raven boss in Persona 3 Reload, you must reach Floor 28 of Tartarus.

However, it is the tower that appears during the Dark Hour.

The boss is at the end of the floor and accompanied by two Lightning Eagles. 

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How To Reach Floor 28 Of Tartarus?

There are two primary ways to reach Floor 28: Natural Progression and Full Moon Event.

1. Natural Progression (June-July)

You’ll encounter a variety of Shadows, unlock new Personas, and gather valuable items over time.

By exploring lower floors, you gain experience and level up your characters and Personas.

Further, it gradually builds your strength for tougher challenges.

This method allows you to explore Tartarus based on your mood and preferences.

Feel free to return to previously visited floors to grind for levels or complete quests.

However, reaching Floor 28 might take longer, and the difficulty could feel less focused compared to the May 9th event.

natural progression
Natural progression builds your strength for tougher challenges

2. Full Moon Event (May 9th)

This option triggers a specific story event, transporting you directly to Floor 28 for a crucial plot-related battle.

Be prepared for a significant increase in enemy strength compared to previous floors.

This approach throws you into a challenging boss fight right away, potentially testing your current level and strategies.

This method offers a more streamlined path to Floor 28, letting you quickly progress through the story-related event.

However, you may miss out on the exploration and gradual leveling benefits of natural progression.

Skipping lower floors might leave you less prepared for the boss fight’s difficulty.

persona 3 reload
The boss on Floor 28 of Tartarus is the Will O’Wisp Raven.

Exploit The Weaknesses Of The Boss And Minions

The boss on Floor 28 of Tartarus is the Will O’Wisp Raven, a bird-like shadow.

Generally, it is resistant to wind and fire but weak to ice.

It is accompanied by two Lightning Eagles, which are weak to wind.

You must use Yukari’s Garu skills to exploit their weaknesses to knock down the Lightning Eagles.

Then, switch to an ice Persona and use Bufu’s skills to knock down the Will O’Wisp Raven.

After that, you can perform an All-Out attack to deal massive damage to all of them.

Repeat this strategy until you defeat them.

You can also use magic to increase your evasion and heal your party members if they take damage from the enemies’ attacks. 

Rewards For Defeating The Boss

The rewards for defeating the Will O’Wisp Raven boss on Floor 28 of Tartarus are as follows:

  1. 10,000 yen
  2. A Lead Medal, which can be used to complete a request from Elizabeth.
  3. A chance to get a Major Arcana card, which can boost your Persona’s stats or fusion abilities.
  4. Access to Floor 29 and the next block of Tartarus, called Yabbashah.

Further, you can get bonus rewards if you complete the floor before May 9.

It is the deadline for the third Old Document request from Elizabeth.

These include:

  1. A Bead Chain which fully restores the party’s HP.
  2. A Homunculus, which protects you from instant death attacks.
  3. A Goggle-Eyed Idol, which can be traded for a powerful weapon at the antique shop.
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