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Persona 3 Reload Graphics Vs. Original: Which Is Better?

Persona 3 is one of the most beloved JRPGs of all time, and its remake, Persona 3 Reload, aims to bring improved graphics and story.

The graphics setting of Persona 3 Reload has improved a lot from its original such as in Resolution, Anti-Aliasing, and Motion Blur.

Furthermore, there are significant differences in the graphics UI design and animations from the original Persona 3.

Continue reading more about the Persona 3 Reload Graphics and settings.

Persona 3 Reload Cutting Edge Graphics

Persona 3 Reload is developed with Unreal Engine 4, which is a significant upgrade from the original game’s proprietary engine.

This allows for more realistic lighting, shadows, textures, and animations, as well as higher resolutions and frame rates.

It also features a revamped art style that is more colorful and vibrant, while still retaining the atmosphere of the original game.

The character models are more detailed and expressive, and the environments are more immersive and varied.

Similarly, it also adds new cutscenes and scenes that flesh out the story and characters more than the original game.

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Persona 3 Reload Graphic Settings

Persona 3 Reload offers a variety of graphical settings that can be adjusted to suit different preferences and hardware capabilities.

Some of the most important settings are:

1. Resolution

Resolution determines the number of pixels displayed on the screen, which affects the sharpness and clarity of the image.

Higher resolutions require more processing power but result in better visuals.

Persona 3 Reload supports up to 4K resolution on PC and PS5, and up to 1080p on PS4 and Xbox One.

Change resolution to improve graphics in Persona 3 Reload.

2. Frame Rate

Frame Rate determines how many times the image is updated per second, which affects the smoothness and responsiveness of the game.

Higher frame rates require more processing power but result in smoother gameplay.

Persona 3 Reload supports up to 60 FPS on PC and PS5, and up to 30 FPS on PS4 and Xbox One.

Frame rate
Limit Frame rate to run smoothly in Persona 3 Reload.

3. Anti-Aliasing

Anti-aliasing reduces the jagged edges of objects and characters, which improves the overall quality of the image.

Higher anti-aliasing levels require more processing power but result in smoother edges.

Persona 3 Reload offers several anti-aliasing options, such as FXAA, SMAA, and TAA.

4. Motion Blur

Motion Blur simulates the blurring effect that occurs when objects or characters move quickly, which adds a sense of motion to the game.

However, some players may find it distracting or nauseating, and prefer to turn it off.

Furthermore, it allows players to toggle motion blur on or off, or adjust its intensity.

Persona 3 Reload Vs. Persona Games Graphics

Persona 3 Reload is not the first remake of Persona 3, as there have been previous versions such as Persona 3 FES and Persona 3 Portable.

However, Persona 3 Reload is the most visually impressive and faithful remake of Persona 3.

It preserves the core gameplay and story of the original game while enhancing the graphics and adding new elements.

Persona 3 Reload also surpasses the graphics of Persona 4 and Persona 5, which were released after Persona 3.

Persona 3 Reload is the definitive version of Persona 3, and the best way to experience this classic JRPG.

Here are some notable graphics features of Persona 3 Reload:

1. UI Design And Animation

One of the most noticeable changes in Persona 3 Reload is the UI design and animation.

The game features a visually striking UI design, especially in the in-game menu.

The transition between various submenus is smooth, with a unique underwater effect centered around the main character.

UI Design and Animation
UI Design and Animation changes in Persona 3 Reload.

The fonts and shapes are reminiscent of Persona 3, but infused with a more adventurous Persona 5 style design sensibility.

The battle seamlessly mixes 2D and 3D elements, providing an engaging and visually exciting UI.

2. Ray Traced Reflections

Another impressive feature of Persona 3 Reload is the use of ray-traced reflections.

Ray tracing is a technique that simulates realistic lighting and reflections by tracing the path of light rays in a scene.

Persona 3 Reload employs ray-traced reflections, with a notable presence on surfaces like mirrors, windows, and water.

Reflections contribute to a sense of depth and realism, although some scenes rely on screen space techniques.

Ray Traced Reflections
Ray Traced Reflections added in Persona 3 Reload.

3. Cutscenes Animation

Persona 3 Reload also features some impressive cutscene animation, mostly in an anime style.

The game has reanimated some of the original cutscenes, as well as added some new ones.

The cutscenes are pre-rendered and displayed at a fixed 30fps, which is a bit disappointing, but they still look sharp and colorful.

Cutscenes Animation
Improved cutscene animation with better lighting and color.
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