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Crossbow Palworld: Rare Weapon With Unlock Level And Recipe

One of the most powerful and versatile weapons in Palworld that players can use is the crossbow.

In Palworld, you can use the crossbow to defend yourself, hunt, or fight other players and pals.

Crossbow is the best choice for the players early in the game, which can help in exploring and fighting with the boss in Palworld. Furthermore, to craft the crossbow player requires some items for the recipe and unlocks at level 13.
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What Is A Crossbow In Palworld?

The crossbow is a ranged weapon that fires bolts at high speed and accuracy.

It has a longer range and higher damage than the bow, but it also takes longer to reload.

It can be equipped with different types of bolts, such as fire and poison to deal extra damage or effects to the target.

The crossbow is especially effective against armored enemies, as it can pierce through their defenses.

The crossbow is also a rare weapon, meaning that it is not easy to find or craft.

You need to unlock a certain level and recipe to be able to make your crossbow.

Unlock crossbow
Unlock the crossbow at level 13 of the technology tree.

You also need to gather rare materials and components to craft the crossbow and its bolts.

The crossbow is a valuable weapon that can give you an edge in combat, but it also requires skill to use it properly.

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How To Get A Crossbow In Palworld?

There is only one way to get the crossbow in Palworld which is by crafting it with the recipe.

Crafting is the most reliable way, as it only requires the materials and the unlock level.

However, crafting can be costly and time-consuming, as some of the materials are rare or hard to obtain.

To craft a crossbow, you need to have a workbench and the corresponding recipe.

Use the workbench to craft the crossbow using the recipe.

You can get the recipe by leveling up, completing quests, or buying from vendors.

You also need to have the required materials, which can be gathered from the environment, and looted from enemies.

Once you have the recipe and the materials, you can craft the crossbow at the workbench.

Similarly, to craft a rare crossbow such as a legendary one you need to find schematics for the crossbow.

The schematics are the blueprints for crafting weapons and armor to a rare one.

Moreover, schematics can be found in chests, or you can buy from wondering merchants for 500 gold.

Legendary crossbow schematic
Use a legendary crossbow schematic to craft the crossbow.

Recipe To Craft Crossbow In Palworld

Once you have unlocked level 13 of the technology tree and the legendary crossbow schematics, you can craft the crossbow.

You will need the following recipe of materials and components to craft the crossbow:

  • 50 wood
  • 40 stone
  • 10 ingots
  • 5 nail

Moreover, you need to have a weapon workbench to craft the crossbow using the above recipe.

Furthermore, you can use your pals to harvest and work to craft the crossbow faster.

Palworld Legendary Crossbow

To unlock a recipe for the Palworld Legendary Crossbow, you will need a Crossbow Schematic 4.

You can get the Schematic from Level 23 Vargrant Warrior: Bushi, Ingots, and Ancient Civilization Parts.

However, for the craft, you should have a high-quality workbench and have the following recipe;

  • 337 wood
  • 270 stone
  • 67 ingot
  • 33 nail
  • 12 ancient civilization parts

The Bottom Line

The crossbow is a rare and powerful weapon in Palworld that can help you survive in the harsh and diverse world.

However, getting the crossbow is not easy, as you need to unlock a high level of technology tree and a recipe.

The crossbow is a weapon that can suit any playstyle and situation, as long as you know how to use it effectively.

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