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How To Meet Stripey In Persona 3 Reload?

In Persona 3 Reload, players can unlock a getaway to meet  Stripey by developing the Sun Social Link.

Furthermore, when players complete the social link, it unlocks the ability to fuse the Ultimate Persona of the Sun Arcana, named Asura.

This fusion serves as a significant reward for players who invest time and effort in building a connection with Akinari.

Continue reading to find out more about who is Stripey and how to develop sun social link with him in Persona 3 Reload.

Who Is Stripey In Persona 3 Reload?

Persona 3 Reload is a classic in the Persona series that brings players into a world filled with interesting characters and captivating stories.

Among these, Akinari Kamiki, who is also fondly known as Stripey, shares a touching story through the Sun Social Link.

Furthermore, the Sun Arcana represents this social link, which involves building a connection with Akinari.

Players are curious about how to meet Stripey in the game to make things more interesting.

Akinari the Stripey in Persona 3 reload
Akinari is the Stripey in Persona 3 Reload who is a terminally ill yound man.

Accordingly, Stripey will take players on an emotional roller coaster in Persona 3 Reload.

The Meeting with Akinari in Persona 3 Reload takes you on an emotional ride.

Akinari is a terminally ill young man and players get to join him on his journey by exploring his deep emotions.

Players can dive into his feelings as they try to understand the big questions swirling in his mind about life and death.

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Meeting Stripey In Persona 3 Reload?

To start hanging out with Stripey, there are a few things you need to do first.

Furthermore, Akinari Kamiki’s Sun Social Link begins with a unique set of prerequisites.

Players must first reach level three in the Hanged Man Social Link during Maiko’s Rank Three scene.

In addition, players must also have achieved a Smart rank of at least Level Four Academics.

Thus, only after this Stripey will make his appearance and show up adding a unique twist to the story.

Persona 3 reload stripey
You can meet Stripey on a bench at Naganaki Shrine from August 8 onwards in Persona 3 Reload.

If you are looking for Stripey, then head to the bench by the playground at Naganaki Shrine.

You can find him at this location exclusively on Sundays during the afternoon.

Moreover, you can start meeting the Stripey from August 9th in the game and his story will begin at the shrine.

To begin the Sun Social Link with Akinari, players must approach him at Naganaki Shrine on a Sunday.

He initially mentions a red fountain pen stolen by a creature with red eyes.

The story of Red Pen gets twisted when you interact with Koromaru who officially joins SEES on August 8th.

Koromaru in Persona 3 reload
To begin the Social Link with Stripey you must retrieve the red pen from Koromaru and give it to Akinari.

Surprisingly, It turns out that Koromaru possesses the missing red fountain pen.

However, you can retrieve the red fountain pain by interacting with Koromaru Character in the dorm’s lounge.

As you retrieve the red pen from Koromaru, you must return the pen to Akinari.

Hence, this step marks the beginning of the Sun Social Link in Persona 3 Reload.

Akinari’s Social Link progresses through various ranks so as you and Stripey become better pals, you’ll go through different levels of your friendship.

Moreover, each of these levels has some dialogue choices that impact the relationship of the players with Stripey.

The dialogue choices are not just for gameplay mechanics but also a way to get to know Stripey better and strengthen your bond.

As the social link advances, Stripey will open up about his life and struggles.

He shares how much he loves reading and tells you that he is trying to write a meaningful story before he passes away due to illness.

The dialogue choices you make during the conversation with Stripey will determine the speed at which the Social link levels up.

2. Obtain The Persona of the Sun Arcana-Asura

In Persona 3 Reload, Sun Arcana is like a symbol of warmth, good vibes and growth.

When you complete the emotional roller coaster ride with Stripery(Akinari), he will give you the Asura persona.

Asura is the Ultimate Persona associated with the Sun Arcana that you can fuse once you complete Akinari’s Sun Social Link.

It is a powerful Persona that you summon in battles as it brings strong abilities and skills to aid you in battles.

When you complete Akinari’s Sun Social Link, he hands you a worn notebook.

Hence, now you can fuse the most awesome Persona of the Sun Arcana-Asura.

It’s like a special power-up you get as a reward for the emotional adventure you went through with Stripey.

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