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Locating Ship Repair Kits in Starfield: Tips For Space Explorers

Starfield is an open-world action role-playing video game being developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.

You create your own character and embark on an epic journey to chart the unknown regions of space.

You can locate ship repair kits in Starfield through various means, including purchasing them from shops at major space stations, scavenging derelict ships and ruins, earning them as mission rewards, mining asteroids for rare resources, and bartering with traders.

In this article, we will explore the ship repair kits and how it works.

What Causes Damage To Ships In Starfield?

Many threats can damage ships while exploring the star systems in Starfield.

Combat is a major damage cause as ships sustain hits from enemy weapons in dogfights and space battles.

Powerful lasers, plasma cannons, missiles and mines fired by hostile pirates and factions all pose risks.

Environmental hazards also endanger ships.

Flying too close to a star can cause heat damage over time.

Asteroid fields are treacherous areas where collisions with space rocks occur.

Entering hazardous areas with radiation, electrical storms or extreme temperatures strains ship integrity.

Accidents during complex docking and landing maneuvers, collisions with space debris, and floating wrecks also result in repairs.

Overuse and wear of components decrease their health levels.

What Are Ship Repair Kits In Starfield?

To repair damage sustained during their voyages, players in Starfield rely on repair kits.

Repair kits are consumable items that mend damaged components when used.

Basic repair kits are readily available and affordable, restoring a small amount of health to hulls, shields and modules.

Advanced repair kits heal more damage but are rarer to find and cost more.

Expert repair kits are the most powerful type, almost fully restoring even heavily damaged components.

Repair kits are equipped in a ship’s inventory panel and activated to repair targeted sections.

The degree of repairs depends on the kit’s quality and level.

Makeshift repair kits crafted from scavenged materials provide a low-level alternative.

Repairing in spaceships is much faster than manually fixing components planetside in a spaced dock.

Kits are essential equipment for any explorer to fix damage sustained away from settlements and keep their ships in working order.

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Where To Find Ship Repair Kits In Starfield?

There are several reliable sources to obtain repair kits in Starfield.

The most straightforward method is to purchase them directly from shops at major space stations and settlements.

repair kits buy ship
The most straightforward method is to purchase them directly from shops at major space stations and settlements.

Larger markets in cities generally have the best selection and availability of kits.

However, kits sold in shops are not always the cheapest option.

Scavenging derelict ships, wrecks and ruins is a riskier alternative that can yield repair kits as valuable loot.

spaceship debris
Searching shipwrecks and ruins is a riskier alternative that can yield repair kits as valuable loot

Players may also find kits as rewards for completing bounty contracts, cargo deliveries and other missions.

Mining asteroids is another productive activity, as the rare mineral resources extracted can be sold for profit or used to craft makeshift kits.

Players can also barter with traders, who may exchange kits for valuable goods they need.

Joining a faction opens opportunities to acquire kits through faction-specific vendors with member discounts.

As an explorer’s reputation increases, higher-tier kits may become available through special orders.

With enough credit and reputation, players can establish their own supply network by building factory manufacturing kits.

Repair Your Ship Using Repair Kits And Get Ship Parts

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can repair your ship using Kits;

1. Repairing A Damaged Ship

To repair your damaged ship, you must:

  1. Dock your damaged ship at a spacedock terminal, a major space station, or a settlement. This provides a safe environment to conduct repairs.
  2. Open your ship’s inventory panel and select the damaged components requiring repair like the hull, shields or modules.
  3. Equip a repair kit from your inventory that corresponds to the damage level. Basic kits for minor damage, advanced for moderate and expert for severe damage.
  4. Activate the repair kit on the targeted component. The kit will be consumed, and the component’s health will be restored by an amount depending on the kit’s quality. Monitor the health bar to see the repairs progress.
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 until all damaged components are fully repaired. Make sure to have enough kits in stock corresponding to the damage levels.
  6. Once repairs are complete, undock your ship from the spacedock. Check component health bars to verify full function. Your ship is now spaceworthy again!

2. Obtaining Replacement Ship Parts

Here is how you can obtain ship parts in Starfield:

  1. Assess any ship components that need replacing due to damage beyond repair or desired upgrades. This includes hull segments, shields, engines and internal modules.
  2. Locate ship component merchants at major space stations that stock replacement parts. Sort parts by rating, price and your ship’s manufacturer.
repair kits ship
Locate ship component merchants at major space stations that stock replacement parts.
  1. Purchase the required replacement parts using accumulated credits. Buy parts one rating higher than your ship’s for improved performance.
  2. Dock your ship at a spaced dock. Open ship inventory and drag replacement parts from your inventory slots into the targeted component slots.
  3. The old component will be removed and replaced automatically. Monitor component status to verify successful installation.
  4. Undock your ship. Run diagnostics on the new components to test functionality. Push your ship’s limits to experience the benefits of the upgrades!
  5. For rare or high-performance parts, consider salvaging derelict ships. Scavenge their intact components which can rival or exceed merchant stock. Potential rewards offset the risk.

The Bottom Line

In Starfield, ships are your lifeline as you explore the vast unknown of the universe.

However, once your ship gets damaged, moving further in the game will be challenging.

That’s where repair kits come in handy.

You can find these kits in shops, loot from the wreckage, earn them through missions, or even craft makeshift ones.

Using repair kits is straightforward: dock at a spacedock, select the damaged component, choose the right repair kit, activate it, and watch your ship regain its health.

Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you can locate ship repair kits and repair your damaged ships.

Happy Gaming!

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