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Explore Everything About Phantom Liberty Alternate Ending

There is more than one Phantom Liberty alternate ending in Cyberpunk 2077. 

Furthermore, some endings have connections to one another. 

In Phantom Liberty, players can experience three different alternate endings, some players consider it five, but the connections make it three. Furthermore, the endings allow players to choose between Songbird and Reed. Thus, making the decisions even more impactful to the game. 

This article discusses the alternate endings of Phantom Liberty in Cyberpunk 2077.

What Is The Phantom Liberty Alternate Ending? 

Players can get up to five alternate endings in the Phantom Liberty DLC.

The endings are dependent on the option they choose in side missions.

Furthermore, each ending will give a different reward to the player.

However, each ending will also have one of the two characters that you interact with dying.

Thus, choosing an ending means you must part ways with other NPCs. 

Players can get multiple alternate endings in the Phantom Liberty DLC. 

Moreover, players are considering the Phantom Liberty DLC the first and last expansion to Cyberpunk 2077, but we cannot be so sure about it yet. 

Thus, if you want to experience every ending other than the original few endings of Cyberpunk 2077, you must look into the process of obtaining the alternate endings. 

Furthermore, the final ending even brings one of the fan-favorite characters into the mix. 

Additionally, every alternate ending connects to the Firestarter mission.

Thus, we advise you to save during the mission to experience every ending fully. 

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How To Get The Phantom Liberty Alternate Ending?

Players are able to get a total of three alternate endings. However, some of the alternate endings have similar paths to take.  

Here is a list of alternate endings that players can obtain in Phantom Liberty

1. Help Songbird

This alternate ending comes when you help Songbird reach the Moon. 

However, if you choose to go through this method, Reed will die.

2. Give Songbird To Reed

This alternate ending comes when you give Songbird to Reed. However, in this ending Songbird is taken by the FIA. 

Reed will survive in this alternate ending and connect with the help of Songbird’s alternate ending. 

songbird alternate ending phantom liberty
Songbird gives one of the alternate endings in Phantom Liberty.

3. Refuse To Kill Songbird Alternate Ending

This is the second alternate ending in which you refuse to kill Songbird but let her get taken by the FIA. 

Reed will survive in this alternate ending, unlocking a different one than when you help Songbird or give her to Reed.

4. Kill Songbird

Lastly, if you choose to kill Songbird, Reed will survive, however, you will not get an alternate ending. 

After experiencing these alternate endings, there is one last alternate ending that players can experience in the Phantom Liberty DLC.

reed alternate ending phantom liberty
Helping Reed gives one of the alternate endings in Phantom Liberty.

In this ending, you will meet Reed one last time, and then depending on your choice you will be able to choose between two options, “Four Score and Seven” or “Through Pain to Heaven.”

Additionally, during this mission players will also meet Johnny Silverhand once more. 

These choices will give the main story a different ending for the DLC. Thus, letting you experience every alternate ending in the game. 

The Bottom Line

Having multiple endings to experience in any game is a great way to make the players keep on playing the game. 

Furthermore, a great example of this method is by “Elden Ring,” where your decisions would completely change the course of the story. 

Similarly, in Cyberpunk your decisions during the “Firestarter” mission change the ending of the game. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about every alternate ending in Phantom Liberty. 

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