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Get The Checkmark For Piranha Plants On Parade

Piranha Plants on Parade is the second stage in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

It is a colorful and whimsical stage featuring a musical celebration by the fan-favorite carnivorous plants.

You must discover the secret exit to obtain the “Piranha Plants on Parade” checkmark in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. You can find this secret exit towards the end of the stage.

This article explains the Piranha Plants On Parade Checkmark and how to get it.

Introduction To Piranha Plants On Parade

“Piranha Plants on Parade” is one of the levels featured in the 2023 video game Super Mario Wonder.

Also, it serves as the second level in the Pipe-Rock Plateau world and is a colorful and whimsical stage.

This particular level revolves around the theme of a Piranha Plant parade.

Moreover, it offers a range of platforming challenges, including tasks like leaping over, dodging, and defeating these carnivorous plants.

This level showcases a lively musical celebration orchestrated by the beloved Piranha Plants.

Additionally, it contains a secret exit that guides the player to a hidden area.

Here, players can discover the stage’s third, and last Wonder Seed and a flagpole that marks the secret exit

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How To Get The Checkmark For Piranha Plants On Parade?

You must find and finish the Secret Exit to get the “Piranha Plants on Parade” checkmark in Super Mario Wonder.

Completing the Secret Exit unlocks the “Piranha Plants on Parade checkmark,” confirming 100% stage completion.

Piranha Plant on Parade checkmark
The Piranha Plant on Parade checkmark means completing everything on this level.

Here are the steps to unlock the Secret Exit:

  1. Finish the level as usual.
  2. Reach the finish line, then jump onto the Warp Pipes on the right.
  3. Walk onto the Note Block bridge and face the three Warp Pipes overhead platform.
  4. With a running start, jump onto the Warp Pipe protruding from the right side of the overhead platform.
  5. This path will guide you to the Secret Exit.
  6. Complete the Secret Exit to obtain the checkmark.

Consider these extra hints for your quest:

  • The Secret Exit is cunningly concealed, necessitating a comprehensive level of exploration.
  • Leverage the Warp Pipes to revisit prior sections of the level, which can aid in Secret Exit discovery.
  • If your pursuit becomes too challenging, don’t hesitate to refer to an online walkthrough for guidance.

How To Find The Secret Exit In Piranha Plants On Parade?

Here are the steps to uncover the secret exit in Piranha Plants on Parade:

  • Progress to the right after securing the Checkpoint Flag. Look for a Wonder Flower amidst music blocks and green pipes, triggering the Piranha Parade and altering the terrain with Flower Coins.
  • Follow the parade diligently until you reach a section where an overhead platform hosts three pipes. As the Piranha Plants conclude their performance, you’ll spot a Wonder Seed on the far-right pipe.
  • Ascend the sizeable green pipe adjacent to the note blocks and enter the small red pipe on the right. This will transport you to a secret area containing another Wonder Seed and a flagpole marking the secret exit.
  • Obtain the Wonder Seed and interact with the flagpole to conclude the stage via the secret exit. This achievement unlocks the Piranha Plants on Parade checkmark and unveils a new path on the world map leading to The Great Tree, a hidden level.

The Bottom Line

Piranha Plants on Parade is a fun Super Mario Bros. Wonder stage with a secret exit leading to a hidden area.

Finding this secret exit will unlock the checkmark for Piranha Plants on Parade.

Also, the player can collect Wonder Seeds, Flower Coins, and Course Secrets in this stage to enhance their gameplay and unlock rewards.

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